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The Rock
The Rock

In WWE, the excitement of a match starts when the fan favorite superstar makes an entrance into the stage. The theme song of the superstar brings up the personality of the superstar who is about to come. WWE has always been about dramatic chair shots and body slams. Yet, the wrestling show provides some of the original theme music in modern times.

WWE has never been short of cheesy and goofy stage entrance songs. These theme songs would put a smile to our face with the majority of us mimicking and singing along with the song when the superstar makes an entry. Let us walk down the memory lane and take back a look at the Top 3 WWE entrance themes of all time.

#3 Undertaker

‘graveyard symphony’ theme song is one of the most iconic entrances of all time
‘graveyard symphony’ theme song is one of the most iconic entrances of all time

There is some theme music a wrestler wishes not to hear when he is in the ring. This ‘graveyard symphony’ theme song is one of them. Add to that a smoky background with blue lights flashing and out comes The Dead Man.

Taker’s smoggy, bone-chilling entrance is almost numbing while he slowly emerges to the tune of church organs and lightning cracks. It is often said that a glamorous entry by a wrestler can weaken and break the opponent. The Undertaker’s theme song stands as a prime example for years.

The characterization of The Dead Man is personified by his mysterious entrance along with the theme song. Often the audience has seen, The theme song been played but no one came out from the backstage.

Eventually, Undertaker would emerge from a coffin from the middle of the stage. Eyes covered by the hat. Undertaker’s unsettling theme acts as a large part of why his introduction is the most thrilling and iconic of all times.

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