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Top 5 active factions in the wrestling world

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Which factions today compare to the phenomenon that was DX?

There’s something special about seeing a wrestling faction dominate the wrestling world. When a group of talented wrestlers bands together to forge an indomitable group, there is little that can stand in its way – and this is something we have seen time and time again in sports entertainment.

Right from the days of The Four Horsemen to nWo igniting the Monday Night Wars, DX warring with The Corporation and The Ministry of Darkness to Randy Orton and Batista joining forces with Triple H and Ric Flair in Evolution to The Shield becoming legitimate main eventers; factions have always been one of the most beloved aspects of wrestling.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at factions which are ruling the wrestling business today.

#5 The Broken Hardyz

Where else but in wrestling would something like this get so big?

Like them or hate them, there is just no ignoring The Broken Hardyz these days. What started off as a ludicrous gimmick in the form of Broken Matt Hardy has evolved into something much greater than anyone could have ever imagined.

Speaking with a Jamaican accent and going on and on about deleting “Brother Nero,” Matt Hardy has been able to single-handedly make TNA worth watching again. As Jeff Hardy also dove head-first into the pool of madness following The Final Deletion, he was also joined by Matt’s real-life wife Reby and they have even gone on to include their son in the gimmick.

And honestly, calling it a gimmick is doing what Matt has achieved, a disservice, as both he and the rest of the Hardyz have made it a lifestyle. They deserve a place on this list just for the sheer conviction and creativity needed to pull this off.

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