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Top 5 Can't Miss Moments From NXT TakeOver: New York

NXT TakeOver: New York - Johnny Gargano is the NEW NXT Champion
NXT TakeOver: New York - Johnny Gargano is the NEW NXT Champion
Modified 06 Apr 2019, 11:00 IST
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NXT TakeOver: New York is now history and what a show it was. Far exceeding even the most unrealistic expectations, the show featured three "match of the year" candidates, two title changes, an NXT debut, and so much more.

From Johnny Gargano's heroic victory over Adam Cole to Ricochet and Aleister Black's last hurrah to some of the most epic entrances in NXT history, NXT TakeOver: New York had all the makings of a true instant classic, but in a show filled with standout moments which ones stood out the most?

We take on the difficult task of picking the most memorable moments from tonight's epic NXT TakeOver in Top 5 Can't-Miss Moments From NXT TakeOver: New York.

#5. WrestleMania Quality Entrances

War Raiders Make Their Entrance At NXT TakeOver: New York
War Raiders Make Their Entrance At NXT TakeOver: New York

Tonight's NXT TakeOver show didn't only feature some of the best matches ever seen on a WWE pay-per-view. That certainly would have been enough to appease even the most ardent wrestling fans, but NXT also stepped it up a notch to feature some extremely theatrical WrestleMania quality entrances.

First, there were War Raiders who made a Triple H-esque entrance for their match against Ricochet and Aleister Black. The two behemoths were led to the ring by a pack of gladiators holding shields that doubled as bass drums. Flames shot up into the air in a theatrical spectacle on par with a King Kong Universal Studios Skull Island set. Like demons unearthed from a foggy abyss, War Raiders crawled out of the mist to be led to the ring by the rhythmic sounds of war drums.

Not to be outdone, both Aleister Black and Ricochet also had special entrances. Ricochet came out to an impressive laser light show while Black kept his traditional gothic theme with a macabre inspired candle lit backdrop to add.


Velveteen Dream's entrance was also nothing short of spectacular, as he came dressed to the nines for his match against former MMA star Matt Riddle. The NXT North American Champion came in full Statue of Liberty cosplay complete with a make shift Lady Liberty crown.

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Published 06 Apr 2019, 11:00 IST
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