5 Most popular wrestlers of the 1980s

The Ultimate Warrior!
The Ultimate Warrior!

#1 Hulk Hogan

The Hulkster!
The Hulkster!

Do you even need an explanation as to why he is number one? He is wrestling, he defined it, he made it what it was then and what it should be today. He was the most popular wrestler to ever step a foot inside the WWE ring. He made the fans want to be him. He made you tune in to watch his life.

When he wrestled, you not only wanted him to win, you needed him to win. Hogan had many rivalries that still inspire memories. Who could forget the legendary matches against King Kong Bundy around 1986? They headlined WrestleMania 2, which was on Saturday Night's Main Event, and they were amazing. Hogan always won. It was understood. It was necessary. The rivalry would last for months, not weeks. They fought and fought, and fans loved every minute of it.

Then there was that fateful day when the Hulkster appeared on Piper's Pit and Andre The Giant turned his back on his friend. You can't unsee Andre ripping the cross necklace from around Hulk's neck. The expressions on Hogan's face as Andre did it were priceless. His pain was felt by all the little Hulkamaniacs.

The infamous Hogan vs Andre match at WrestleMania 3 was one of the most popular sporting events ever witnessed. That was wrestling at its best. Every part of that match is legendary. When he slammed the Giant, the place was going to crumble to the ground.

That's what Hulk Hogan was. He may not have been the greatest tactical wrestler, he only had few moves - first came the finger wave at the opponent and then came the leg drop, and then we got the hand on the ear for the audience, but it didn't matter. He had it so finely tuned that it flowed as well as a Jimi Hendrix solo.

Hogan has transcended the eras to establish himself as the greatest wrestler of all time. No superstar in the last thirty years has gained a fanbase like Hulk Hogan has.

When his music hit, you knew that the roof was about to be blown off.

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