Top 5 Undertaker Returns

The Undertaker has gone and returned many times in his career. 

The Undertaker told us that he was coming back soonΒ and that he was going to ensure that WrestleMania no longer defined him. He hasn't appeared since that time, but with the new year approaching rapidly, it's clear that the Dead Man will be making his presence known sooner rather than later.

The legend has taken many sabbaticals over the course of his Hall of Fame career and whenever he returns, it is usually in grand fashion.

These are the 5 best returns of The Undertaker that have occurred during his incredibly long, storied, and downright insane career.

#5 Smackdown 900

The Undertaker made a statement and a threat when he returned at SmackDown 900

Announcing that he was coming back for more than just WrestleMania was exciting. It now looks likeHe will probably start with AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble, possibly returning as soon as this week on Smackdown Live.

It's been a little disappointing that after he said that he was back, he made a threat and has yet to follow through with it. Team Smackdown Live won at Survivor Series, but AJ Styles almost cost his team the match, and he was disrespectful to Taker on Smackdown 900 as well.

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The rumours had Undertaker interfering in at TLC, but that didn't happen. We are now up to the final Smackdown Live of the year, and WWE wants it to be memorable. We've got title matches and the return of John Cena.

This show needs to end with an appearance from The Undertaker.

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