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5 Unsuspecting matches to watch during G1 Climax 28

Tanvir Virdee
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The G1 Climax this year is taking place from 14th July til 12th August.
The G1 Climax this year is taking place from 14th July til12th August.

The G1 Climax is a yearly tournament in New Japan Pro Wrestling calendar that takes place from mid-July to early August. Usually, there are 20 participants and each match has a half an hour time limit.

This year's G1 Climax is looking to be quite special, with two new participants co. This will create new match possibilities, and with the blocks already being announced at the time of this writing, we can see and review which matches could steal each day (Ibushi vs Omega, Omega vs Sabre Jr etc.) or be unsuspecting matches that could perhaps be instant classics.

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With the usual likes of Okada, Tanahashi, Naito, Kenny Omega, Ibushi and others, many rof the scheduled matches might actually be a repeat encounter, such as Okada vs Tanahashi, Naito vs Omega, Ishii vs Naito and a few more, but that doesn't mean that they will ball be disappointing.

For example, take a look at the match between Tanahashi and Okada at Wrestling Dontaku from earlier this year. However, we are not here to look at the standout matches, as that has been done a several time.

Instead, here we will take a look at the matches that could be taking place for the first time or could be lost in the shuffle but turn out to be amazing matches that no one might remember. With this let's get onto the list and see what matches have the potential to be gold on the rough road ahead.

#5 Juice Robinson vs Tama Tonga (Day 2)

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Even though this match did happen last year, I believe this year it could be a hidden secret. Juice Robinson (the former CJ Parker in NXT) has quickly become a fan favourite with the Japanese crowd, and after a great match with Hirooki Goto at Dontaku and now facing a clash with Jay White at the G1 Special in San Francisco, he is showing no signs of slowing down. Last year Juice picked up solid 8 points during the G1 with his biggest win being over the then IWGP US Champion, Kenny Omega.

On the other hand, Tama Tonga is one of the quickest and most underrated guys in New Japan, and he has nothing to prove. With great matches last year against the likes of Michael Elgin and Okada, Tama Tonga has shown that he isn't just a tag team specialist.


I am sure that he and Juice with work a great match that fans will be talking about for a little while. It may be on the same day as Kenny Omega vs Tetsuya Naito, but it can't be denied that the way in which Juice is developing, and Tama Tonga's slick in-ring movements are improving, they will deliver nothing short of an epic bout.

Prediction- Juice Robinson wins. I believe Juice will win this match to keep his momentum going and also to tie up his record with Tama Tonga to one a piece.

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