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Top 5 ways the Shield reunion should end

Hunter Wright
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The Hounds of Justice have reunited!
The Shield reunites on Monday Night Raw

Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta...SHIELD! From 2012 to 2014 the voices of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns would hit the speakers to announce their arrival before they emerged from the stands to descend upon the ring. That is, of course, if the Shield was gracious enough to warn the WWE that they were coming. Whether it was a scheduled match, a backstage assault, or interrupting a match to destroy the competitors involved, the Shield left a trail of bodies everywhere they went.

After Seth Rollins famously destroyed the Shield by assaulting his brothers in black with a steel chair, serving Reigns and Ambrose up to the Authority on a silver platter, all three men enjoyed tremendous singles runs. Now, three years after the Shield split up, the hounds of justice have banded together once more, and they have made it clear that they still run the yard. Of course, this is merely a nostalgia run to spike viewership, and will not last very long, so here are the five best ways to disband them when the time comes.

#5 A Reigns Heel Turn

After connecting with a Spear on Rollins, Reigns feels like he has the WWE Championship in his hands.
The Big Dog won't run with the Hounds of Justice forever

This is admittedly more wishful thinking than an actual possibility, but it is plausible. Although at this time a Reigns heel turn is as likely as a Cena heel turn, it would shake the foundation of WWE. The WWE hastily threw together a reunion storyline for the Shield that honestly leaves a lot to be desired, meaning that the break up must be impactful, and a Reigns heel turn fits the bill.

Consider the reason the Shield has reunited, The Bar has been feuding with Rollins and Ambrose, the Miztourage has been preventing Reigns from capturing Miz's IC title, and Braun Strowman has been a thorn in the side of all three men. Reigns has defeated the Miz and Braun Strowman in the past, but he hasn't won either war, but the Shield certainly will get the job done. Frustration boils over for Reigns, who needed Ambrose and Rollins to not only help him fight his battles but also get him cheered and over with the crowd.

Reigns snaps and demolishes his brothers, breaking them in half with devastating spears, power bombing them through tables, beating them within an inch of their lives. He is the big dog, this is his yard, and he's not sharing it with anybody. Quite a plot, isn't it?

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