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Top 5 WWE Moments Of The Week (October 1-7, 2018)

  • A week that underwhelmed, but still delivered great moments.
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 19:08 IST

Buddy Murphy Cruiserweight Champion

This week wasn't that eventful on WWE's televised programming, but Super Show-Down delivered in a way that the Greatest Royal Rumble in April didn't. Since these international mega shows are set to become the norm, they'll need to feel bigger than glorified house shows, and Super Show-Down started the process well.

What moments this week stood out?

#5 "One night in Milwaukee"

As he promised last week, Aiden English presented his video evidence. There's obviously more to this story, as Aiden English cut the video at an opportune moment, but it did its job in increasing anticipation and sowing doubts in Rusev's trust of Lana.

For a WWE that usually sticks to the same tired formula when it comes to building feuds, this was a welcome break. It's nice to see SmackDown treating even its lower mid-card feuds with this much effort.

You can only watch so many ambushes and screwy finishes before you get tired. More segments like this, please.

#4 Legend vs. general

While overrated, this was still one of the best women's matches of 2018 and easily the best of the Mae Young Classic so far. Meiko Satomura and Mercedes Martinez beat the snot out of each other. It was a chess match between the two women until one of them made a mistake. That happened to be Mercedes Martinez, which permitted Satomura to land two high-speed kicks to claim victory and move on to the third round of the tournament.

William Regal has said the match is one that will be watched throughout the years and given his position of power in the Performance Center, he might well be right. It's a shame that these two women likely won't be signed to per appearance contracts because their presence would elevate Evolution a great deal.

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Published 07 Oct 2018, 19:13 IST
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