5 Top moves of The Undertaker

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Here, we will look at the 5 top moves of The Undertaker.In an era where wrestlers have found it hard to establish themselves as main eventers, one superstar has managed to defy the odds. He has been perhaps the most talented in ring performer the industry has ever seen. His streak, his legacy, his skills set and his attitude will always remain unconquered. He is, the phenomenal Undertaker. For over two decades, the Undertaker has dominated the ring. Let us pay homage to the deadman and take a look at some of his most impressive offences.

#1 The Choke slam

This is one of the most commonly used moves in the WWE. Generally larger athletes like Kane, Big Show and Great Khali have used this move to great effect. But, perhaps no one will ever make it look more attractive and deadly like the Undertaker.

The chokeslam has been a part of the deadman’s armoury for a long time. He generally utilizes it to put his opponents to rest before connecting the dreaded tombstone, which you will see later on the list.

The move involves catching hold of your opponent’s neck and lifting him in the air before slamming him onto the canvas. The Undertaker has choke-slammed even the likes of Big Show, Vader, Mark Henry and made it look like it was just another day in the office.

#2 Last ride Power Bomb

The only unfortunate thing about this move is that the Undertaker does not utilize it with his current gimmick. The Power bomb has been a regular feature in the WWE for over a decade. Superstars like Batista, JBL and Kevin Nash have used the move to great effect and had their own variations of it. But, none of them have utilized it as lethal as what the Undertaker did.

The Phenom termed it the ‘last ride power bomb’ during his biker gimmick. The move involved him in lifting his opponents to make them fit into a ‘head scissors’ postition as they sat on the shoulder of the Undertaker facing backwards. He would then give them the extra leverage and raise them high into the air and drop them back first into the mat to invariably secure the pinfall.

With age catching up with him, the move seems to have faded.

#3 Old School

This is perhaps my most favourite move in the WWE. There is always a myth that exists in the wrestling world that smaller superstars tend to be more athletic and can do the high flying moves where as the larger ones just tend to stay put and execute more powerful offences.

The Undertaker proved the myth wrong with his perfect execution of the ‘Old school’. The move first involved him in twisting the arm of the opponent and getting a lock. He would then slowly proceed to climb the turnbuckle, with the arm still in position and walk on the top rope holding his opponent’s hand. He would then jump from the top rope and slam his opponents hand to the ground thereby creating an opportunity to pick on the injured arm for his later offences.

The Undertaker is the undispued king of the ‘old school’. When CM Punk recently faced the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, he reversed the move and impressively countered it with his version of the same offence.

#4 Hell\'s gate

What the Undertaker lacked over the years was a decent submission move. Can’t blame him can you? With all the amazing moves he had, a submission move was perhaps the least of his priorities. Anyways, the dead man, during the later end of his career started utilizing the dreaded Hells gate.

The move involved him holding his legs high against the opponent’s upper back. He would then slip one foot in front of his opponent’s head and under his chin. He would then lock his hands behind the opponent’s head and choke him by pressing his shin against the opponent’s neck.

Viscera was the first casuality of this move. The move was later banned by Vicky Guerrero to run along with some storlylines before being finally made legal by Teddy Long. But, this move has indeed been one of the most deadly submission moves you will ever see in a long time.

#5 The Tombstone Pile driver

The Undertaker, as discussed earlier has had an impressve set of moves over the years. Perhaps none more impressive and deadly than the tombs stone pile driver.

This move has been the Undertaker’s oldest offensive manoeuvre. The move involves him lifting his oponnents and turing them upside down before dropping them head first onto the canvas in a sitting or kneeling position. The move is followed by the dead man crossing the arms of his opponents and sticking his tongue out to signify the end of things as the referee counts to three.

The move has made several superstars suffer legitimate neck injuries over the years and the WWE had banned the move. The Undertaker however performed a slight variation of the regular move and hence it was good to go.

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