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Top WWE Superstars who have never won the United States Championship

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For all that he has achieved, the United States Championship has alluded him.

Throughout its history, WWE has had a number of different titles worn by a number of different people. As they evolved from being the WWWF to the WWF and then later WWE, the promotion has introduced, discarded and adapted championships along the way.

The company once boasted of titles like the Light heavyweight, European and Hardcore championships, and currently features the Intercontinental, Cruiserweight, UK, Universal and WWE Championships (not to mention tag team and Women's championships.)  A number of years ago, WWE also brought in another title that has a long, prestigious lineage.

The United States championship has been held by great wrestlers such as Ricky Steamboat, Steve Austin and Lex Luger. However, since the WWE adopted the title following the purchase of WCW, it hasn't had the same appeal tied to it.

Still, for all the names that have captured the Championship, there are current, prominent WWE Superstars that have yet to wear the prestigious title. Fans can only guess why this is so, despite the long tenure of some of these men. Could that change?

Only time will tell, but as it stands right now here are five top WWE superstars who have never won the US championship.

#5 Shawn Michaels

For all that he had achieved, the United States championship was never worn by the Heart Break Kid.

Shawn Michaels was the ultimate competitor in the ring. After turning on his partner Marty Jannetty, his career skyrocketed and he captured the Intercontinental, WWE, European and Tag Team championships. For that, he was called the first ever grand slam winner in WWE.

Michaels achieved it all, and also earned the moniker of Mr Wrestlemania, since although he didn't win at every Wrestlemania, in some way, shape or form he was a crucial part of each one he was a part of. 

Michaels was forced to walk away from the ring after being injured in 1998, and when he returned five years later, the WCW Invasion angle had ended and all that remained was a divided roster and a number of old WCW Championships. One of the championships that remained was the United States belt.

However, when he returned, Michaels was thrust to the top of the roster and competed for the WWE Championship. He wasn't booked to even compete for any other title, and thus never pursued the US Championship. It's an interesting circumstance in the career of HBK.

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