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Total Divas recap: Brie and Nikki become entrepreneurs, Eva Marie trains, Naomi bonds, more

856   //    19 Aug 2015, 16:28 IST

On this week’s episode of the Total Divas, The Bellas are having a family meeting with their mother and brother. Nikki and Brie supposedly have been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and  have a new business venture in mind. Apparently the ladies want to run an environmentally friendly bar/studio/fitness club. Brie wants her mom to run it while they're on the road. She tells JJ, their brother, so that they can get some investments for the same. Nikki on hearing that gets annoyed because the environmentally friendly bar/studio/fitness club was meant to their project. Not JJ's. The Bellas are still arguing over the club as they have their weekly pedicures. It gets pretty vicious, with Nikki accusing Brie of not wanting to listen to her ideas. JJ’s diplomatic skills comes to the fore as he helps The Bellas  make up with the help of some wine.

Brian Kendrick has a new student and it’s none other than Eva Marie, watching wrestling videos on YouTube.  Apparently, she didnt know until now that there was wrestling on Youtube. She sees the notoriousy gruesome spot from WCW where Sid badly broke his leg after botching a move from the top rope. Her husband notices she looked disturbed after watching the video and tells her not to do so. Later on, Eva is viciously booed and jeered by the crowd and they yell "You can't wrestle!" Even though she's actually gotten significantly better as a performer, she’s got a ways to go before she gets over the WWE universe. However, things end on a happy note when she finally decides to use The Kendrick as her finisher.

In a subplot, Naomi is determined to bond with her step-children, so she rents them a bounce house and Jimmy ends up trying it. Later she hires a petting zoo and a minivan. Then they all go go-karting. This makes Jessica, the real mother of the children disgruntled and she voices her displeasure. After a talk with Jon, Naomi realizes she's spoiling them too much and she resolves to be more of a “balanced” mother to the kids.

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