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Tough Enough winner Sara Lee talks about her WWE future, Tough Enough stint, more

816   //    29 Aug 2015, 17:35 IST
Sara Lee

The WWE Tough Enough website recently had an interview with the winner, Sara Lee. Sara spoke about a variety of topics and we present you an excerpt from the interview here-

About routinely winning the popular vote and Triple H praising her charisma

Sara said that she was a normal girl before she came to 'Tough Enough' and that could be the reason why many people could easily relate to her. She also adds that "I was like, 'I’m going to make this Tough Enough video', and then I got picked out of these thousands of people. Maybe they can relate to that". Sara also says that the people are really connected to her because they could see her chasing her dream and that gives them some hope.

Most Challenging aspect in the competition

In response to this question, Sara gave an interesting answer. She said that being yourself was the biggest challenge in the competition. She also told that you should not lose yourself in all the drama and shuffle that goes on there. "And obviously, too, coming down here from Michigan and adapting to the climate, and these crazy challenges like running in the Citrus Bowl, where it was like 110 degrees or whatever it was, was really rough", she added.

Transition from a reality show to the WWE Performance Center

Sara said that she was very excited about the fact that she will be working at the WWE Performance Center soon. She feels that working at the Performance Center will also be like a competition because one should always strive to be the best wherever she is. However, Sara adds that things will be little less stressful at the Performance Center. When asked about the change of place, she said " At the barracks, you didn’t have a closet. You had to pack your suitcase every time, so to have a stable home environment, I think, is going to help out a lot". Lee also says that it will not be easy to adopt, but this is just the beginning.

About future

Sara said that she is excited about her future and she badly wants to step into the squared circle and learn more things. She also adds that being a part of WWE was her ultimate goal and now she was not just on a TV show but was actually a part of the WWE family. Regarding this transition, Sara told, "That’s what I’m excited about, to make that more permanent transition into the company."

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