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A tribute to 3 WWE legends - Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior and Andre the Giant

  • These three legends of the WWE died unexpectedly. The WWE and its fans will never forget their contributions!
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 20:02 IST

The Superstars of WWE are its growth drivers. The promotion would never have grown to the extent that it has without the popularity of its superstars.

The memories of the superstars from decades past serve as the foundation upon which the WWE's future model of success is built.

The WWE delivered a slew of superstars in the 1980s, and the fans of those individuals have remained loyal to the organization - all the while demanding more of the same. And the WWE has not disappointed. It has continued to deliver on the fans' expectations, constantly producing a new set of superstars that help it to thrive.

The modern age of the internet has made it possible for us to re-live the memories of past wrestlers at any time. The epic matches of the past, whether it's Hogan vs Andre the Giant or the Macho Man vs Ricky Steamboat, are all only a few clicks away.

In addition, it is fascinating to observe the extent to which the WWE's presentation of its product has evolved over the years, and the degree to which it has tweaked its product to remain in sync with evolving market trends.

So while we enjoy the theatrics and machinations of a Brock Lesnar or a John Cena or a Roman Reigns on our TV screens, let's go down memory lane and pay tribute to the incredible contributions of three legends whose memories will forever be cherished by the WWE family.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage

The Macho Man!
The Macho Man!

It's not possible for an image of the Macho Man with his dear Elizabeth by his side to not pop up in the mind of a fan reminiscing about wrestling in the 1980s. Macho Man's act, of walking down the aisle while gesturing to the roaring fans with the cameras zooming on his glitzy wardrobe and matching headband and dark shades, personifies the larger-than-life image of the superstar wrestler of the 1980s.

But it's not just his persona or his love story with Elizabeth that remain etched in our memories. It's also his tenacity and courage in the ring that constantly remind us of this endearing wrestler.

Every Macho Man fan has etched in their memory at least one classic match that he's been involved in. His rivalry with Ricky Steamboat and particularly his marathon battle for the Intercontinental title against him is one such classic that has remained with me.


Very few "bad guys" received the admiration and appreciation of the fans as The Macho Man did, even while the crowd rooted for his opponent.

RIP Macho Man. Your memories will forever bring a smile to our faces.

The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior!
The Ultimate Warrior!

The Warrior's take-down of Hulk Hogan in WrestleMania VI will forever be remembered as a changing of the guard moment in WWE history. As tears rolled down the cheeks of millions of Hulkamaniacs, the class and decency with which the Warrior conducted himself won him the hearts of everyone.

The Ultimate Warrior was unique in many ways. He displayed the aggression of a wounded animal, yet had a likability about him that attracted the support of millions of young fans, many of them children.

His speeches and verbal communication were almost incoherent, yet the crowd loved to hear him speak. His unexpected death in 2014 left an empty space in the hearts of millions of WWE fans.

The Ultimate Warrior forever will be remembered for being a great champion.

Andre The Giant

Andre The Giant!
Andre The Giant!

Andre the Giant was a true giant of the WWE in every sense of the word. He was involved in one of the greatest matches of all time when he battled Hulk Hogan for the title in WrestleMania III. Incidentally, that epic match was also the first match that Andre lost in 15 years.

Despite Andre's dominance in the WWE, he never won the title. He never complained though. He was simply content to keep the fans entertained.

Despite reports of some turmoil in his personal life, and having to live with the pain of physical injuries, Andre never complained. He showed up day after day in the ring, just to do his job.

Few have contributed so much to the WWE in return for so little. Andre the Giant had a big heart that never stopped giving. Vince McMahon and the WWE will be forever thankful to him for helping them build the WWE brand.

RIP big man. The fans will never forget the one and only Andre The Giant!

Published 26 Nov 2018, 19:38 IST
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