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Triple H says he admires Samoa Joe's work, comments on Joe's debut rumours

Wrestling Inc. spoke to Triple H about signing Samoa Joe. Triple H spoke about Samoa Joe's work, NXT and the WWE's way of running things.

News 21 May 2015, 12:21 IST
Triple H says he admires Samoa Joe’s work

It was earlier noted that Samoa Joe had been accepting independent bookings throughout the summer, despite rumors of him possibly moving to NXT. Wrestling Inc. has asked Triple H about the possibility of signing Joe to a contract on NXT media conference call today.

"He was here at the Performance Center a month or two ago," Triple H told us. "We only spoke for about five minutes, and that was mainly exchanging pleasantries."

Triple H also told that he admires Samoa Joe's work, and that he was impressed with the Performance Center.

On the contract status of Samoa Joe, Triple H said he wasn't sure if the two sides would end up doing business or not. Many speculated when Samoa Joe's Ring of Honor dates came to an end recently, that he'd be headed to Orlando to start with NXT. Thus far, that hasn't materialized.

In an indirect response to the question about Samoa Joe, Triple H later stated that NXT is typically a young man's game. He also mentioned that it's a lot easier to instill the WWE's way of running things in someone younger than it was for someone who has been wrestling for most of their life.

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