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Triple H talks firing angle on RAW, Barrett’s title win, Sting, More

Ranga Bharath
2.12K   //    08 Jan 2015, 21:23 IST
Triple H sat down with Michael Cole for an interview discussing the week’s events

Triple H and Michael Cole sat down for an interview discussing about the events that unfolded this week on RAW, and Cole starts by asking about the rumors floating around WWE. Triple H replies that he and Stephanie hear everything going on in WWE, so he doesn’t want to talk about rumors. Triple H says The Authority always wins. Cole asked if it was part of the plan to force John Cena to bring them back, to which he says they haven’t had anything to do with WWE for a few months, he didn’t even know Edge and Christian were going to be on the show. Triple H emphasises that Rollins did what was best for business.

  • Cole asked about how The Authority caused Dolph Ziggler to lose his Intercontinental Title on RAW. HHH states historically, championship matches were always 2 out of 3 Falls and Bad News Barrett proved he’s the better man. Triple H said everything to do with Ziggler, Ryback or Erick Rowan is irrelevant because they’re no longer here, they got fired.
  • He also said Ryback, Rowan and Ziggler knew the stakes when they got involved in the way. He said the inmates can’t run the asylum and the show was chaos while they were gone. He mocks Team Cena for thinking they could rid of The Authority from WWE He says Cena turned on his partners and gave them up.
  • Triple H called WWE a sinking ship without The Authority and says now they’re on the right path. He brought up Sting and said he had his 15 seconds of glory in life.
  • Cole asked how is it best for business that three top Superstars get fired. Triple H admits it’s not best for business but says you can’t have a mutiny, you can’t let the inmates run the asylum. He says a guy like Rowan is limitless but we’ll never know because they went down the wrong path.Triple H says the Superstars fired themselves. The Game said he’s going to sleep just fine.
  • He also mentions that everyone owes Seth Rollins for saving WWE. He said Rollins was willing to sacrifice himself for the well-being of the company. Triple H says Rollins won’t be on MizTV this Friday night on SmackDown because he doesn’t need to be. And he says Rollins will speak his mind on SmackDown and then will be rewarded with a WWE World Heavyweight Title Shot against Brock Lesnar and Cena at the Royal Rumble. The Cerebral Assassin says that Rollins is his hero, but he’s not giving him anything special.

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