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Major mistake revealed in the Last Man Standing match on Twitter

59.18K   //    08 Aug 2017, 10:06 IST

A barbaric clash!
The barbaric clash had a screwy finish!

Ohh Toronto, you were awesome! It helps when the crowd is as hot as it was on this week's episode of RAW, as a usually painstaking experience of sitting through three hours of garbage becomes entertaining.

Today's was an exception, in bits and pieces, as the fans were treated to a chaotic main event, a solid match between Cesaro and Dean Ambrose, an unhinged Brock Lesnar and underrated moments that added to the big picture.

Twitter, as usual, was lit and we've picked the best ones of the lot below. Enjoy!

The fans noted a stupid error on the referee's part in the Last Man Standing main event as the official stopped the count when Joe blindsided Reigns. Strowman was completely down and out and nearing the ten-count!

And how can we all forget about the insane spot in which Strowmn flung an office chair into Reigns' face? Best moment of the night for me:

Moving onto Bayley. Toronto turned the Huggable One into the Booable one!

That wasn't all as Brock Lesnar destroyed the Miztourage whereas the Rollins-Ambrose first bump saga continued to rage on:

Did you like tonight's show? Rate it out of 10 in the comments section and let us know which were the best and worst segments of the show.

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