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UFC Heavyweight On Brock Lesnar: “I’d Send Him Packing Back To Fake Wrestling”

Ranga Bharath
4.97K   //    14 Jan 2015, 20:53 IST
Brendan Schaub on Lesnar’s return to UFC

As WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, was considering himself getting back to UFC after his WWE deal, current UFC Heavyweight Brendan Schaub said he wanted a match with Lesnar and UFC is not as easy as “Fake Wresting” referring to WWE. Here are some other things he said in an interview with The Jason Ellis Show :

“Listen, doing fake wrestling is not the same as being in the UFC. You’re playing grab-ass. You know if you’re going to win or lose. Yeah, it’s hard on your body. Great. He hasn’t been competing and training like I have. If he comes back to the UFC, I would 100 percent send him packing back to the fake wrestling.”

“I think what he does, he’ll still be very successful. He’s so damn big and a very talented wrestler. There’s just not that many big, explosive guys who are athletic like he is. So, he’s always going to be successful. (But) I don’t think (he’s going to beat me).”

“If you’re Brock Lesnar, why come to the UFC when you can fake it in the WWE? (If he comes back), sign me up, man.”

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