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Ultimate Warrior rumoured to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame

ultimate warrior

Ultimate Warrior

WWE legend and former wrestler The Ultimate Warrior is rumoured to be considered for The WWE Hall of Fame class of 2014. The reports are getting stronger after Vince McMahon and The Warrior recently buried the hatchet.

The Warrior has again resurfaced in the wrestling world after the WWE featured him in its highly anticipated 2K14 video game. The Warrior too has gone all out to promote the game on behalf of the WWE. There are also rumours that he will make a return to the WWE ring, after he tweeted about opening a discussion with Vince McMahon.

The WWE inducted Bret Hart into the Hall of Fame recently after Vince McMahon and the former made amends after their infamous ‘Montreal Screw job’. It is left to be seen if the Warrior gets similar treatment.

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