Unplanned finish, major mistake - 4 botches you missed at WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024

There were several botches in Saudi Arabia
There were several botches in Saudi Arabia

WWE King and Queen of the Ring took over Saudi Arabia earlier tonight. While a new champion emerged and the new King and Queen of WWE took their crowns, there were still some interesting moments throughout.

The card was stacked and included some of the company's biggest stars, but there were still several mistakes. The following list looks at just four that you probably missed at King and Queen of the Ring.

#4. Liv Morgan has issues with a chair

Liv Morgan walked out of Saudi Arabia with the Women's World Championship after she was able to defeat Becky Lynch with the help of Dominik Mysterio. Mysterio threw a chair into the ring for Lynch, but it was Morgan who used it to deliver a DDT. She then tried to throw it out of the ring and away from the referee, but she failed.

Instead, the chair hit the rope, and the second time, it failed to make it out of the ring. Luckily, the referee didn't spot the weapon before the three-count. Lynch has since invoked her rematch clause and will now challenge for the championship on WWE RAW.

#3. Cora Jade?

Jade Cargill defended her Women's Tag Team Championship alongside Bianca Belair on the kickoff show for WWE King and Queen of the Ring, but it seems that Michael Cole actually forgot who was part of the match.

Cole was a main part of the show since he was seemingly stepping up to Logan Paul when he told him that he was a disgrace for using brass knuckles once again. But before the Women's Tag Team Championship match, Michael Cole called Jade Cargill "Cora Jade," who is actually out injured at the moment.

#2. Bianca Belair took down her own partner

Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill defended their WWE Women's Tag Team Championship in a memorable match as part of the King and Queen of the Ring kick-off show. The two were able to retain their titles, but many fans pointed out that the end of the match was clearly a miscue between the champions.

When Bianca Belair went for the pin on Candice LeRae, she could be seen knocking her own partner to the ground as she went for a kip-up, which saw Cargill fall and then have to pull herself to the side of the ring behind the referee.

#1. Randy Orton "pinned" at WWE King and Queen of the Ring

One of the biggest botches of the night came in the final of WWE's King of the Ring tournament, where Gunther pinned Randy Orton following an RKO. Orton clearly wasn't in a good position for the pin, and his shoulders were up the whole time.

While many fans have noted that the botch is Randy Orton's fault, it should be noted that the ref was in the right position and should have seen that one of his shoulders was completely off the mat.