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Unpopular Opinion: 5 WWE Superstars that need to leave the company for their own good

Nathan Smith
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World Wrestling Entertainment
World Wrestling Entertainment

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Despite all the developments in the wrestling industry over the past few years, the WWE remains at the top of the pack, and they will for quite some time, but with a roster so deep and talented, it's inevitable that they misuse some of those stars, and it's understandable if some of those people would want to move on from the company.

We've seen people like Pac, Tenille Dashwood, and Cody walk away from the WWE and maintain success, and while there have been others that definitely failed away from the company, with the state of the wrestling business, there is more chance of success now more than ever.

So without further ado, read along as we analyze the current landscape within the WWE, and look at 5 performers who should walk away from the company in the very near future, for their own good.

#5 Rusev

Rusev Day!
Rusev Day!

The WWE, despite years of making mistakes, are still yet to correct some of them, and the stereotype of the foreign heel is something that falls into that category, and it's definitely hurt Rusev.

He debuted as a physically imposing star (something that suits the super athlete quite well), but as soon as his undefeated streak came to an end, he followed the unfortunate patter: winning streak snapped, losing streak, comedy face, enhancement talent.

Unlike others, however, Rusev managed to get even hotter as a babyface, and while the company pushed it for a while, it's clear that they have absolutely no intentions of capitalizing on Rusev Day and all his charisma.

He and his wife Lana have recently set up a YouTube channel, and with his charisma and talent and her acting abilities, they have more than enough chance of success outside of the WWE, and it's about time they bet on themselves.

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