Unpopular Opinion: Ronda Rousey is struggling with being a WWE Superstar

Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey

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Things on Monday Night Raw seem to be improving over the last few months. The show is doing quite well by giving us surprises and interesting storylines. However, one person that appears to be struggling with WWE life is Ronda Rousey.

Ronda Rousey was one of the biggest box office attractions in the world of MMA, especially in the UFC. She was unbeaten for quite a long time, whilst holding the UFC Bantamweight Championship, before losing back to back fights to Holly Holm (for the title) and Amanda Nunes respectively.

Rousey then retired after her losses and had a period in her life struggling with Mental Illness from losing her fights. Once she bounced back, she ventured out into other things such as acting and always has been a pro-wrestling fan. She gets her nickname 'Rowdy' from the late Roddy Piper (who was her favorite wrestler) and he gave her his blessings to use the name.

When Ronda joined WWE last year, I personally don't think she was mentally prepared or understood how rigorous the schedule of a WWE Superstar actually is. You can certainly tell in her tweets with Becky Lynch that she is a highly emotional person, who snaps quite easy and blurs the lines between kayfabe and reality.

Whilst I am a huge fan of both Becky and Rousey, and their Twitter war is entertaining, I believe that Rousey needs to stop getting so easily offended and emotional about what Becky says.

Becky made an interesting point in one of the tweets about Rousey "needing to get better at the business and be more respectful of it". That was basically a subtle hint to Rousey to remember that this was all in storyline and not to get emotionally attached, as it is in Becky's character to be ruthless.

It is understandable why WWE backstage officials aren't impressed with the wording used by both stars, however it has made the feud more personal and fans will be legitimately more invested to see what happens between the two.

Let's also not count out Charlotte Flair, who is garnering nuclear heat from fans and could be the most despised heel of this generation. She hasn't interacted with Rousey as much as Becky has and has almost become a third wheel in the feud.

The WWE creative have actually done an excellent job building the feud between these three women. There is still a lot that needs to happen and develop so that the plans for WrestleMania 35 for the Raw Women's title become clearer. We are all sure that it will be a triple threat match, although with how WWE are swerving us and Vince being so out of touch, anything could happen in the final few weeks before the Showcase of the Immortals.

If Rousey chooses to stick around after WrestleMania, she will need to continue working on the things that are letting her down at the moment such as being too emotional, her promo skills and dealing with criticism. Pro wrestling is a much different sport to MMA and requires you to have the right mindset when entering the business.

I have no doubt Rousey can work on these things and get better over time. It will just depend on whether she decides to stay around or take a long break. Maybe a hiatus away from the company will refresh her mindset or perhaps she can transition into a more part-time role, so the WWE schedule doesn't get to her so much. Let's just hope Ronda continues to improve and help the women drive the women's revolution.

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