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Unpopular Opinion: Ronda Rousey ripping the business apart was a bad move by WWE

Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey
Nathan Artis
Modified 10 Mar 2019, 16:00 IST

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Sportskeeda.

Last week on Monday Night Raw, we witnessed the heel turn of Ronda Rousey. For some, it was a long time coming for the former UFC Champion, while others were taken by surprise at the suddenness of her turn.

Monday Night Raw came to us from the Wells Fargo Centre in Philadelphia, where we witnessed Becky Lynch signing a " hold harmless agreement" which stated that she could not sue WWE if she were to get injured in what was supposed to be a title match for the supposedly vacated Raw Women's Championship.

Rousey stormed to the ring and took back her title, forcing Stephanie McMahon to change the match stipulation with it being that if Becky won the match, she would be added to the title match at WrestleMania. After the announcement, Rousey turned heel and berated the fans for booing her in her home town of Los Angeles a while back.

She then preceded to destroy Becky Lynch by attacking her for dragging Rousey's husband into the storyline via their Twitter arguments. Rousey continued with the attack on Lynch even after Monday Night Raw had gone off the air.

Ronda posted her weekly vlog ( added below the article) on YouTube a few days ago, where she went on to expose the business by saying it was " fake" and "scripted" ( which we know). When asked about Becky, she referred to her by her real name of " Rebecca Quinn", as well as mentioning she no longer cares about " protecting kayfabe".

In my honest opinion, the whole vlog was done in poor taste, whether it was a worked shoot or not. Many of the pro wrestlers, both past and present, do everything they can to protect kayfabe and the secrets of the business. It was a completely tasteless act that was unnecessary, just to try and bring more mainstream attention to WWE.

People that have worked hard to protect the business have to see the video as a direct slap in the face to everything they ever did. People like the Undertaker have only just started breaking kayfabe with his character after 30 years in the business. It is probably because he will retire soon, but he managed to keep the mystique of his character there until recently.

The company certainly did not need Rousey doing a shoot interview to get booed anyway. It's been clear for a while that her popularity is waning, as she even managed to get booed over Charlotte at Survivor Series.

She should have turned a lot sooner, and not been forced to continue being a crowd pleaser. WWE officials could have got helped her transition into this role and gave her more experience had it been done sooner. Instead they decided to wait until a few weeks before Wrestlemania, and throw her into the deep end.


This is not smart booking by WWE, as they should have seen a mile off that she would never get cheered over Becky Lynch. Rousey hasn't always endeared herself to people, especially in UFC where she took her two losses badly and received a heap of backlash from fans and critics alike.

Some fans in WWE probably see Rousey as somebody who was handed everything, without being in the business long and don't appreciate her getting opportunities over people like Becky, Sasha, Bayley etc.

Ronda has stated that if she ever felt she was unhappy, she doesn't need WWE and could leave. Making statements like that is not endearing to anybody. It has become quite obvious that Rousey may be struggling with the business, and doesn't know how to separate her work from her personal life.

Understandably, Becky may have crossed that line, but it would have been all cleared by management, and you would have thought Rousey would further the storyline. Instead she seems legitimately upset with Lynch, and calling her by her real name and the fact she destroyed Becky on Raw says it all.

It seems WWE are bringing in more reality than kayfabe to storylines now, as seen by Triple H's promo this week. In one way, it creates for better and more emotionally driven storytelling. However on the other end, it can do great damage to the characters, especially somebody still inexperienced like Rousey has shown lately. WWE need to ensure that nothing Becky says legitimately pushes Rousey too far, as Rousey could seriously injure anybody she wanted if she is rubbed up the wrong way.

I am fan of both Ronda and Becky, however maybe it's time WWE pumped the brakes on here a little and tried to tone it down. They need to start focusing on building the Universal title feud a bit more and put all the effort on this.

It is almost at the point that these three ladies are being over exposed, just to cover for the fact that Lesnar isn't there to start building his feud with Seth Rollins.

Becky, Ronda and Charlotte have done excellent building this feud up, but plenty of others need to start getting the focus. It would not hurt if WWE didn't give these three as much time now on screen, as we know how personal it is between these three, and we know it will be a barn burner of a match at Wrestlemania which deserves to close the show.

What are your thoughts on Ronda exposing the business and how personal things have got lately? Have your say in the comments.

Published 10 Mar 2019, 16:00 IST
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