Unpopular Opinion: The Miz should turn heel once again 

A better heel than Shane McMahon
A better heel than Shane McMahon

The Miz transformed himself into one of the hottest commodities of SmackDown Live during his Intercontinental Championship reign in late 2016. He had a career-defining feud with his real-life best friend Dolph Ziggler. The A-Lister made the 'B' show must-see which forced the smark fans to cheer for him in spite of him being a heel.

WWE saw the fans cheering wildly for the Miz at WrestleMania 33 during his mixed tag team match but they still allowed him to continue as a heel because no other Superstar matched his charisma. He feuded with the likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Jason Jordan and other top stars of RAW while also elevating the lower card superstars, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.

However, WWE messed up his character in November 2018. The creative team portrayed him as a heel until the go-home show of WWE Crown Jewel only to turn him face on the fallout show. He looked like a joker when he used to ask Shane McMahon to team up with him and then lose a tag team match to the Bryant Brothers!

When Shane McMahon and The Miz won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships at Royal Rumble, it looked like WWE had hit a masterstroke by turning Miz face. But, the way they handled the Shane McMahon vs The Miz feud has disappointed the fans.

Instead of allowing the Most Must-See WWE Superstar to pick a big win at WrestleMania 35, they booked Shane to win the match. In their Steel Cage rematch at Money in the Bank, McMahon prevailed once again and killed Miz's momentum.

The Miz was backed by many to be the WWE Champion after WrestleMania 35 but at the moment he is floundering in the mid-card of RAW. Last Tuesday, he appeared as a Wild Card on SmackDown and took part in 3 matches, losing 2 of them. Also, WWE looks in no mood to bring back the Miz into the title picture which is a let down for both the Miz and the fans.

The solution to this problem is to turn the Miz heel once again. I know the fans love Miz as a face but there are a plethora of babyfaces in the heavyweight division at the moment. 3 out of the 4 champions are good guys who are feuding with heels.

Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin is a feud which everyone loves to ignore while nobody expects Dolph Ziggler to win the WWE Championship against Kofi Kingston. As far as Finn Balor vs Andrade is concerned, WWE's puzzling decisions took away the fan interest from that rivalry.

Now imagine the Miz in any of the three positions. That feud will automatically become the most popular and most talked about WWE feud because of Miz's involvement. Seth Rollins vs The Miz or Finn Balor vs The Miz can headline any show while Kofi Kingston vs The Miz will give good spotlight to both the Superstars. He can even make the 24/7 title the most prestigious title of the company!

The Miz knows the art of playing a heel character on TV which does not bore the audience and thus, to bring himself back into the title picture, Miz should consider turning heel.

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