Unpopular Opinion: Triple H should not take up the reins of the main roster anytime soon

Triple H - The COO of WWE
Triple H - The COO of WWE

Recently, WWE has experienced a massive decline in ratings. WrestleMania 35 was not so good to say the least and many exciting feuds have failed to deliver. While some are able to break out, most of the NXT call-ups are wasted on the main roster.

WWE still isn’t willing to push many talented stars, which leads us to the repetitive matches absolutely no one is a fan of. The tag team division, women’s division and mid-card of both RAW and SmackDown Live have flattered to deceive and with other promotions providing the exact kind of action the fans want, WWE has been losing a big lot of its loyal fan base.

Given WWE’s declining ratings, the rise of AEW and Vince’s diverted attention to the XFL re-launch in 2020, fans have been demanding for Triple H to take over the reins of the WWE. But I think the COO of WWE should not control the daily activities of the main roster anytime soon.

First of all, I would like to clarify that I am a fan of how well HHH has been booking NXT. Any storyline he brings out on the yellow brand turns into gold and many unused main roster superstars have revived their careers by jumping down to NXT. I just think that Triple H should not take over the promotion right now. The following points might be able to prove it

We need to understand the amount of workload that is on Triple H. The Cerebral Assassin is single-handedly running not only NXT and 205 Live but also NXT UK. Sure, he has an elite team under him, but Triple H is personally involved in each and every feud that takes place on his shows. Giving him the additional load and responsibility of the main roster might not be the right thing to do.

While we all blame Vince McMahon for his 50-50 booking, we need to realize that Vince might be willing to change his style of booking for the fans. Accepting Kofi’s rise to the top, booking Rollins to be the face of RAW even after Reigns returned and a Royal Rumble with a fewer number of part-timers and more talented stars is a proof of this. The introduction of 24/7 title and R-Truth’s association with it proves how interesting things can be made if Vince McMahon is interested. Maybe, Vince is just stalling till SmackDown Live starts airing on FOX. Maybe the old man has many tricks up his sleeve which are just waiting to be executed.

While we do not know what the future holds for us, having Vince as the man in charge of the company for a few more years will potentially prove whether the old man still has that ‘it factor’ in him or not. I guess Mr. McMahon, the man who entertained us for years, deserves a second chance. It also gives Triple H enough time to establish his current brands on firm ground and to give these brands over to trained professionals who can make the shows more successful than ever.

Do you think that Triple H should not get the control of the main roster anytime soon? Do drop in your valuable opinion in the comments box!

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