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Unpopular Opinion: WWE should book The Undertaker vs Goldberg once again

23 Jun 2019, 20:33 IST

The WWE should book Goldberg vs Undertaker at WM 36.
The WWE should book Goldberg vs Undertaker at WM 36.

So, it is almost two weeks since Super Showdown took place, and all the chatter amongst the WWE Universe was the disastrous main event between The Undertaker and Goldberg. Both the iconic Superstars with a combined age of 106, labored in the ring and delivered one of the worst main event performances in recent memory.

The match started with Goldberg delivering two spears of high intensity, but after that, the match went steadily downhill for the two legendary performers. And, after Goldberg rammed his head into the ring post and was legitimately busted open, this match almost became unwatchable.

Goldberg botched his Jackhammer and almost broke ‘The Phenom’s’ neck, The Undertaker dropped Goldberg right on his open wound when he delivered the Tombstone. The match ended with The Undertaker barely lifting Goldberg off the ground and delivering a meek chokeslam.

Now, the question is, should The Undertaker and Goldberg walk away into the sunset of their unparalleled careers? Should they ever step into the ring again?

Now, all of us need to understand this. Irrespective of The Undertaker’s performance in the recent past, irrespective of the fact that he is no longer the performer that he once was, there is no denying the fact that he is still one of the biggest draws in the WWE. The crowd still goes crazy when the gong strikes, there is still that aura that accompanies The Deadman every time he enters the ring, and there is still some gas left in his tank. And, as far as Goldberg is concerned, if he works in a squash match, he can still prove to be a major attraction.

So, what can the WWE do, to overshadow the disaster that took place at Super Showdown? What can The Undertaker and Goldberg do, to salvage their diminishing legacies? 

Well, the best solution is, to book Goldberg Vs The Undertaker once again at WrestleMania XXXVI.


A Superstar of the stature of The Undertaker deserves one final farewell match at WrestleMania and the Superstar who can retire him also has to be a legend in his own right. The Phenom has pretty much faced every single active legend at ‘The Grandest Stage Of Them All’, and the one man left in the roster is the iconic Goldberg.


By doing this, WWE can attempt to somewhat erase the memories of Super Showdown, and at the same time, ensure that a legend like The Undertaker gets the kind of farewell he deserves.

The legend of The Undertaker certainly needs to ‘Rest in Peace’ at WrestleMania XXXVI, and the man who should do so is Goldberg.


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