Update on Viscera lawsuit, WWE reveals how much money he made

Modified 04 Jun 2015
Big Daddv V was not a poor man.

One of the claims by the widow of Big Daddy V (Viscera) – Cassandra Frazier – is that she was destitute following the death of her husband, but new information that has emerged in her lawsuit against WWE reveals that the obese wrestler made over half a million in his final 3 years with the company. 

Furthermore upon hearing that she was struggling WWE gave Cassandra a $10,000 advance on any future royalty checks that might come about from the use of Viscera’s likeness and footage.

Of course the money may have been poorly handled over the years, but WWE have clearly shown good faith.

The Wrestling Observer has posted how much Viscera earned over his WWE career:

1994 – $127,659.15
1995 – $100,648.78
1999 – $159,001.44
2000 – $136,951.85
2005 – $124,252.74
2006 – $152,659.55
2007 – $178,359.64
2008 – $251,223.65

WWE are trying to get Frazier’s wrongful death lawsuit dismissed because Viscera passed away of a heart attack, regardless of whether he was suffering from concussion problems at the time.

Published 04 Jun 2015
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