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Report: Update on WWE's new social media and brand policy

Modified 16 Feb 2021

Reports emerged earlier that WWE has added additional restrictions to its social media and third party policy, with regards to non-WWE-related brands.

There has now been an update on this new brand policy. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, the new restrictions relate to the specific naming of brands on WWE Superstars' social media channels. Meltzer used a few examples as to what the new brand policy could mean for WWE stars, but was sure to mention the company would likely be lenient regarding the issue.

Here's what Meltzer had to say on the new brand policy:

"The example I was given is – somebody had suggested to me tonight that if they took a photo and they’re eating an Oreo cookie, that, in fact, they could probably get away with eating the Oreo cookie no problem, no fines, no suspensions, anything thing like that, certainly not fired, but if they mention ‘Oreo’ then they’ve gone through the fine line. I don’t know if it’s mention or hashtag, it might just be hashtag."
“But anyway that’s the new social media policy, so this is Twitter and Instagram stuff essentially where you can’t be doing anything that is promoting another brand, even if you’re not getting any money and it’s not a commercial for them or anything, you cannot do anything like that. That is forbidden now." - H/T WrestleTalk.

WWE's Third Party policies began with the Zelina Vega controversy

Back in November, WWE released Zelina Vega from her contract after she refused to comply with the company's new Third Party policy. This new policy effectively banned WWE Superstars from creating content on popular platforms like Twitch and OnlyFans, where they could make profit.

The move at the time was especially surprising, considering Zelina Vega had only just entered into a feud with reigning RAW Women's Champion Asuka and was experiencing a considerable push.

Looking at how quickly WWE dismissed Zelina Vega, stars will likely be following this new policy carefully. However, if WWE ends up being as "lenient" as Dave Meltzer pointed out, things may not be as dramatic this time around.

Published 16 Feb 2021, 21:46 IST
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