Vince McMahon almost came to the ring and stopped segment as he was annoyed by its length

Vince McMahon/
Vince McMahon/

Vince McMahon, as we all know, is very particular about how the WWE product is portrayed and the smallest of issues can infuriate the boss to no end.

We all remember the iconic This is Your Life segment featuring The Rock and Mick Foley, right? It has now been revealed that the WWE boss wasn't a big fan of the segment while it was happening live and was so annoyed by its length that he almost came out to the ring to shut it down on live TV.

Mick Foley told the story of Vince McMahon's initial reaction during a recent show. Dave Meltzer was present at the show where Foley shared some interesting details about the story and the Wrestling Observer journalist summarized the incident on the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio.

Foley said that they confronted Vince McMahon the next day when the company was informed about the segment drawing an 8.4 rating.

McMahon apparently tried to hide from the Superstars in his office, but he was spotted when The Rock and Foley saw his feet. Vince McMahon then showed himself and said that the segment might have been alright as it garnered great numbers. This was after McMahon panned the segment on the previous night. Here's the story as Meltzer heard it from Foley:

"I just saw Mick Foley last night. He did a show here. It was pretty fun. He told a story, I had never heard this story.
"So he was talking about the This is your Life segment that him and the Rock did. I didn’t like that segment but it did do really big ratings and what I didn’t know is that Vince McMahon absolutely hated the segment. He hated it so bad, because it went so long, that he almost stormed down to the ring on live TV and stopped the segment, in fact, they had to talk him out of doing that.
"That’s how much he hated the segment And so he’s telling the story and then the next day comes and it did an 8.4 quarter and the Rock found out and him and Mick go into Vince’s office trying to find Vince. And they go into the office, and I guess Vince saw them coming, and Vince was like, the night before, he was really negative to both of them about how much the segment sucked right, so they come to confront him and he’s hiding behind the couch and but they saw his feet.
"So he was trying to make them think that he’s not there and then they would leave, but they saw his feet and so he came up and he goes, ‘Okay, you did a good quarter rating or something like that, okay, I guess it was good."


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