Vince McMahon doubled Superstar's pay after walking to the ring to stop WWE match early

Vince McMahon makes the tough decisions in WWE
Vince McMahon makes the tough decisions in WWE

In 2003, WWE fans repeatedly chanted "Boring!" during a live event match between Rhyno and Tajiri, so Vince McMahon walked down to the ring and sent both Superstars to the backstage area.

Speaking to Chris Jericho on Talk Is Jericho, Rhyno said he did not hold a grudge against his former boss for ending the match early and revealed that he received a pay rise for that event, despite working fewer minutes than originally planned.

“In the long run, I don’t hold anything personally against [Vince]. Hey, it’s your company. Actually, what’s funny is I think afterwards he kind of realised that it was a d*** move – he would never admit to it – but my pay check was actually really good that day.”

The former United States Champion added that he worked out how much money he made from that show compared to other live events in the same period of time, and McMahon decided to pay him double what he was expected to earn.

Why did Vince McMahon stop the match?

Prior to the show, Vince McMahon told Rhyno that he could not afford to make any mistakes during his match against Tajiri.

The ECW legend was also informed by one of WWE’s agents that he should continue to frustrate the crowd if they thought his match was boring, so he kept hold of a submission on Tajiri even after fans had started with the “Boring! Boring!” chants.

This prompted McMahon to walk down to the ring and send both Superstars to the back after cutting a promo in front of the audience.

The WWE Chairman was not angry with Rhyno and told him that the agent who gave him that advice “must not have been a top guy”.

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