Vince McMahon got former WWE commentator arrested as a prank 

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Vince McMahon
Modified 12 Apr 2020

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has a unique sense of humor, which has been witnessed by WWE fans over the years with weird storylines and humor on-screen, as well as anecdotes by former and current WWE Superstars.

McMahon seems to be a serial prankster backstage as well, which current SmackDown Executive Director Bruce Prichard revealed on his podcast - Something To Wrestle With. Prichard narrated an incident involving former backstage interviewer and commentator Jonathan Coachman, where Vince McMahon got him arrested as a prank.

Prichard said that there was a football betting pool being done backstage, with Coachman in charge of raising the funds, while Prichard and a few others involved in it. Prichard revealed that he and Jerry Brisco decided to have some fun by getting him arrested for gambling, which was illegal.

Vince McMahon was also involved and he played his part to perfection in getting Coachman mock arrested:

"We go to Vince and say, 'Hey, we're doing this football pool. 'What the f*** is a football pool? You're going swimming? I don't get it.' He then says OK do it, and everyone starts putting their two cents in. We literally set up this elaborate deal for them to go, 'Excuse me Jonathan Coachman, yeah, you're under arrest."
"They take him into Vince's office, he's in a meeting. He's like, 'YEAH? What's going on here?' The police do their thing and Vince was like, 'Goddammit it, I'm trying to produce a television show here, and in the middle of the goddamn doing it, I got you doing, you doing, you're doing what? A f***ing football pool?' He just went off on Coach and Coach is just shaking, almost in tears. They start to take him out and Vince goes 'Wait a minute, goddamit you can't take him out like that.' He throws a napkin, a lemon napkin at him, to put over the cuffs, so people don't see that he's cuffed in front." (H/T WrestlingInc)

Coachman thought that McMahon was going to save him when the WWE Chairman told him to "get back here", but it was just to add another layer to the big prank, as McMahon put a napkin over Coach's handcuffs.

Prichard revealed that the former backstage interviewer was put in a police car and taken away by cops, before someone called the cops to turn back and return, and several people backstage in WWE were there to see Coachman return.

Published 12 Apr 2020
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