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Vince McMahon joins Twitter!

WWE Monday Night Raw In Las Vegas

Good news for the WWE Universe as WWE CEO Vince McMahon is now available on Twitter. His Twitter handle goes by the name @VinceMcMahon.

The surprising thing about his Twitter account is Vince has not even yet started tweeting and there are more than 10,000 followers already, at the time of writing.

His son-in-law Triple H and daughter Stephanie McMahon joined Twitter as recently as last week.

Meanwhile, here are some off-camera notes from Monday night RAW, courtesy of WrestlingINC.com:

There were passionate chants of “We Want Virgil” when Ted Dibiase Sr. came out.

During the commercial break, there were glimpses shown of what’s next to come. They played Triple H’s “King of Kings” video in tribute to The Game during the commercial break before he came out.

Hulk Hogan got a polite burst from the fans when a “No Holds Barred” trailer was shown during a commercial break.

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