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WWE News: Vince McMahon Made Heath Slater A Big Promise For 2019

10.46K   //    03 Jan 2019, 04:58 IST

Heath Slater opened the new year with a big claim on Twitter.
Heath Slater opened the new year with a big claim on Twitter.

What's the story?

Heath Slater certainly had a crazy end to 2018. Apparently, due to the 'problems' created by former Raw interim-GM Baron Corbin, Slater claims that Vince McMahon made him a promise for 2019. carried the story and Slater also tweeted out that he had a conversation with The Chairman about how 2019 'would be his year'.

In case you didn't know...

Slater was forced to battle long-time friend and tag team partner Rhyno in hopes of one man earning the one roster spot that Corbin claimed was available for only one of the two friends.

'The One Man Band' reluctantly won the match against Rhyno, effectively firing his friend. Corbin also later revealed to Slater that the open roster spot was as a referee and not as an active superstar. It was a sad moment for someone who has been dedicated to WWE for almost a decade.

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During his short tenure as a referee on Raw, Slater was forced to look the other way in matches. After TLC, the McMahon family promised several things would change. They promised new superstars would show up and new match-ups. Slater went on to Twitter to tweet about what Vince McMahon told him about his future in WWE this year.

The heart of the matter

A lot of promises were made by the McMahons to help turn around the downward spiral of Raw's ratings. Since Slater was one of the superstars wronged by Corbin, it makes sense that he might get a few opportunities from the McMahons:

WWE CEO Vince McMahon told Heath Slater during their conversation that 2019 will be his year. It looks like the Chairman was impressed with Slater's work as a referee and decided to have something big planned for him.


Since Slater was one of the superstars that were treated poorly during the tumultuous reign of Corbin, Vince himself allegedly promised Slater that 2019 would be his year, hopefully stamping out the bad taste of 2018.

Rhyno and Heath Slater were trusted to be the first-ever Smackdown Live Tag Team champions once the brand split occurred two years ago, so McMahon clearly values Slater and his role in the WWE.

What that promise exactly remains to be seen. We will have to stay tuned to Raw in order to see if Mr. McMahon keeps his word to Heath Slater.

What's next?

With 2019 just starting and the Royal Rumble around the corner, things will start to heat up for the WWE. This is one of the most exciting times of the year in WWE and some stars get pushes. What the 'promise' exactly was between Slater and McMahon is totally up in the air. Saying '2019 will be your year' might mean many things like a mid-card title run, another tag title run or something completely else. 

Do you think Heath Slater will recieve a push or perhaps a title shot this year? Let us know in the comments below!