WATCH: Devastating moves that injured a WWE Superstar

Ridge Holland and Big E (L); Seth Rollins and John Cena (R).
Ridge Holland and Big E (L); Seth Rollins and John Cena (R).

Everyone and their mother are aware of the fact that WWE is scripted. However, that does not mean that the sport is fake in any sense. The bumps and hits these wrestlers take are more than real and devastating.


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It also means that if done incorrectly, these moves can cause serious injuries to the wrestlers involved. Considering the nature of the sport, such incidents are not uncommon. There have been a few particular moves that have caused injuries to the opponent, albeit unintentionally.

These moves injured a WWE Superstar

The five moves we have chosen for the list in the video above are:

  • Brock Lesnar's german suplexes
  • Seth Rollins' knee strike to John Cena
  • Muscle buster to Tyson Kidd
  • Ridge Holland's overhead suplex to Big E
  • Jon Moxley's devastating clothesline

Watch the video in its entirety to recall how these moves unintentionally resulted in unfortunate situations.

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