WATCH: When Scarlett wore Sasha Banks' WWE t-shirt and lost in 60 seconds

Scarlett's first WWE appearance
Scarlett's first WWE appearance

Scarlett Bordeaux made a shocking return to WWE alongside Karrion Kross this week on SmackDown. After Kross ambushed Drew McIntyre and left him laying, she proceeded to draw out the infamous hourglass as a warning sign to the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

Scarlett has come a long way since her early WWE days. She was initially one of Adam Rose's rosebuds back in 2014, but wouldn't become a prominent presence until 2020. Debuting as Kross' valet, she embarked on a great run in NXT until WWE released her in November 2021.

Elizabeth Chihaia (Scarlett's real name) made her in-ring debut in 2016 as a WWE hopeful wearing a Sasha Banks t-shirt. If you don't remember what or when that was, we have the answer for you right here.


On the December 26, 2016 episode of RAW, Scarlett made her WWE debut under the same name as a local talent. She cut a short pre-match promo stating she was elated to perform in her hometown of Chicago, and revealed that it would have been better if her role model Sasha Banks was at ringside watching.

Wearing The Legit Boss' t-shirt, she stepped into the ring to face Nia Jax. She withstood 60 seconds of punishment before being put down for the count.

Will Scarlett's return pave the way for another?

With Triple H at the helm, the WWE Universe saw Karrion Kross and his associate return to the company. These developments have raised hopes for more fan favorites to return to the company, including the aforementioned Sasha Banks.

Banks hasn't been seen on WWE television since her infamous walkout from the company three months ago. Her reason for leaving was reportedly the way WWE treated her and tag team partner Naomi's Women's Tag Team Championships. Both women are yet to return to the company, and no new champions have been crowned in their absence.

Now that The Game is Head of Creative, we may just see The Boss and The Glow bury the hatchet with WWE and make their return.

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