WATCH: Wrestlers who went broke after leaving WWE

Batista (L); Jake
Batista (L); Jake 'The Snake' Roberts (R).

WWE is the biggest name in the game when it comes to pro wrestling. Every budding wrestler dreams of working with the promotion. However, those who get the chance to have often left the company to try their luck elsewhere, whether in movies or another promotion.


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While some turned out to be millionaires, others struggled to make ends meet. As shocking as it may sound, even some of the biggest names in the industry found themselves on the latter side.

They nearly went broke after their stint with the promotion came to an end.

These wrestlers went almost broke after leaving WWE

The five names we have chosen for the list in the video above are:

  • Batista
  • Joey Mercury
  • Lex Luger
  • Jake Roberts
  • Ric Flair

Watch the video above in its entirety to learn more about how and when these stars had to struggle after leaving McMahon's promotion.

Edited by Jeevak Ambalgi
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