Indie News: Wayne Van Dyke suffered a heart attack during match and passed away

Wayne Van Dyke passed away at the age of 29. 

Independent professional wrestling competitor Wayne Van Dyke has sadly passed away at the young age of 29. Van Dyke who was a regular on the indie circuit in Florida reportedly suffered a heart attack during his tag-team match for Ronin Pro Wrestling, following which he was rushed to a nearby medical facility where he is said to have suffered two more heart attacks before his death.

A frequent competitor in independent pro-wrestling promotions Wayne Van Dyke made his professional wrestling debut back in 2010. Van Dyke was involved in a tag-team match on April 29th at a Ronin Pro Wrestling event, during which the incident is said to have transpired.

He apparently informed his partner that he wasn’t feeling well during the match, and suffered a heart attack after he tagged out. Van Dyke received CPR and was immediately rushed to the hospital. He apparently suffered a second heart attack on the way to the medical facility in the ambulance, and a third in the hospital. Here’s the statement issued by Ronin Pro Wrestling on the unfortunate incident during the match-

“We had a very serious incident occur during our preshow match this past weekend. Wrestler, Wayne Van Dyke, collapsed due to a heart attack following the early pre-show tag team match. He was rushed to Memorial Hospital, where he is currently being treated.”

He was placed into a medically-induced coma after the incident, but unfortunately, couldn’t be revived. Van Dyke reportedly suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung while receiving CPR. His passing has been confirmed by his family on Facebook.

We offer our sincere condolences to Wayne Van Dyke’s family and friends.

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