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What changed for Becky Lynch?

3.08K   //    09 Jan 2019, 20:00 IST

Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch

WWE went through a lot of changes in 2018, such as Roman Reigns' departure, notable title changes, Shinsuke Nakamura's fall, the Tag-Team Division finding new footing and some great new signings.

WWE had so much to offer to its audience in 2018, be it Ronda Rousey or The Undertaker, or the fact that we were able to see Shawn Michaels in the ring after such a long time, and the fact that he still got it. But there is nobody who can better explain the change that WWE went through than Becky Lynch.

This time last year, not many people would have given a second thought to Becky Lynch. She was making fewer appearances with barely any significance to her matches. 

Jump to 2019, and she is one of the most decorated superstars and possibly the head of the most elite Women's Division we have seen over the course of WWE.

The Man has achieved what no other superstar has, and has revolutionized the Women's Division for better. This goes on to explain that not only did she headline the last WWE Pay-Per-View TLC: Table Ladders and Chairs, but is also in contention to main event WrestleMania.

It's shocking to look back upon the year Lynch has had. She changed the game in a matter of months and proved to be the favorite of the entire WWE Universe. After some poor booking, what Lynch has achieved can only be called a miracle. But it's a miracle that has seen Becky Lynch improve every episode through her grit and perseverance.


2018: The Early Struggles

Becky Lynch in Smackdown's early days
Becky Lynch in Smackdown's early days

It took months for Becky Lynch to find her footing in the vastly talented but disoriented WWE roster. It's hard to imagine that Becky Lynch was a part of last year's Royal Rumble but had no significance as an entrant and was eliminated more or less off-screen. 


The inaugural SmackDown Live Women's Champion faced further competition in the form of Asuka, the Japanese super-star who was undefeated during her time at NXT. The IIconics also forayed into the blue brand by brutally assaulting Charlotte Flair. This only made matters worse for Becky Lynch who slipped lower down the card.  

But there was always something special with Becky Lynch, and not just the fact that she was friends with Charlotte Flair, the supposed face of WWE's Women Division (Something they are trying to do with Natalya with Ronda Rousey).

But it had gotten to the audience that Becky Lynch deserved better. Yes, she might not have been what she is today, but the entire journey has just been so fruitful to watch. Look at today, and she just sold out WWE Axxess Event in a mere 90 seconds.

After many losing efforts to Alexa Bliss, Lynch started getting the underdog support after her loss at Money in the Bank in June. Things just changed after that. A series of victories to her name, and Lynch was high on everybody's mind. She still wasn't the wrestler we cheer for in the ring right now, but she was just one push away from being The Man.

The Heel Turn

The New Champion
The New Champion

After falling short to Alexa Bliss, Lynch got back to her feet. She racked up victories like a Champion and earned herself a Title Match against Carmella. Things turned upside down when WWE decided to include Charlotte Flair by adding a Triple Threat stipulation to the match. She had never been this driven and energetic before SummerSlam, so when things turned against her, she turned against all of them. Even her best friend, Charlotte Flair.

The audience welcomed the idea of someone not being given the right opportunities. The heel turn also gave the audience a chance to boo harder at Charlotte Flair, someone who seemed to have taken the limelight away from all the Women Superstars.

Becky Lynch became a character portraying an angry outlook towards her former best friend, who she blamed for taking everything from her, most importantly, the SmackDown Women's Championship. Becky Lynch turned heel to loud cheers and support. She wasn't a heel from the very beginning, just an angry and all the more enthralling performer inside the ring.

The Man

Lynch as champion
Lynch as champion

This was the rise of Becky Lynch. Right now, she oozes confidence that no other woman can match. She has the aggression of a Superstar ready to take anybody inside the ring. Her in-ring work has drastically improved. 

Another factor that seems to have only added more value to the character of Becky Lynch is the unfortunate botch which happened during RAW Invasion angle of SmackDown. The SmackDown Live Women's Division taking over RAW was one of the most memorable scenes of WWE in 2018. Becky Lynch continued with her character even after the botch from Nia Jax, who punched Becky Lynch to a legit concussion and a broken nose.

This not only brought a halt to one of the most iconic matches in WWE where Becky Lynch was scheduled to take on Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series, but also changed plan for the entire WWE Creative. But as things stand today, she still has been the most popular face in WWE even after missing Pay-Per-Views. And truth be told, there hasn't been solid support for Ronda Rousey when compared to the level that Becky Lynch has reached.

Fans chanted her name throughout Survivor Series. When Becky Lynch returned, she received the kind of welcome only reserved for the GOAT.

2019 and Beyond

Rousey and Lynch
Rousey and Lynch

The sky seems to be the limit for WWE Superstar Becky Lynch. There is no stiff competition as the face of Women's Division. Ronda Rousey, Asuka and Charlotte Flair stand firm at their positions on the roster. 

The kind of energy that she brings with herself and the aggression that walks the walk have done magic. Today, Becky Lynch stands as the most dominant force of WWE.