What was CM Punk's last match in WWE?

Kane chokeslams CM Punk; CM Punks receives the clothesline from Kofi Kingston
Kane chokeslams CM Punk; CM Punks receives the clothesline from Kofi Kingston

CM Punk retired from wrestling in 2014. Although he has made appearances for wrestling promotions since then, he has not wrestled in a match since his exit from WWE.

The wrestler instead focused on his MMA career. Although he didn't find success in that area of his career, he is still remembered for his extraordinary run in WWE.

CM Punk's last wrestling match was the WWE Royal Rumble 2014. There he was eliminated from the match by Kane.

What happened in CM Punk's last WWE match?

At the 2014 Royal Rumble, CM Punk was wrestling and it looked like he might go on to win it. Unfortunately, Kane, who had already been eliminated from the bout earlier, pulled him out to the ringside and then put him through a commentary table with a chokeslam.

During the match, he even suffered a concussion after Kofi Kingston hit him with a clothesline.

This would be his last-ever wrestling match.

Following the Royal Rumble, Punk didn't appear on the following episodes of RAW or SmackDown. WWE stopped advertising him and while Vince McMahon told investors that Punk was taking a hiatus from the company, in reality, he had legitimately walked out of the company.

He was recovering from his injuries at the time, but when Punk refused to return to WWE when they demanded it, they fired him. CM Punk received notice that he was fired on his wedding day in June 2014.

CM Punk's involvement with WWE since his wrestling retirement

After he left WWE, CM Punk worked on his MMA career. He lost his first match against Mickey Gall in 2016. His second and last MMA fight resulted in a decision loss. However, the decision was turned over as Mike Jackson tested positive for marijuana.

Even after he left WWE, the fans adored Punk and continued to chant his name during different WWE matches and segments.

However, he never returned to wrestle in WWE again. Instead, he was hired by FOX in 2019 and was revealed to be a part of the WWE Backstage show. Production of the show had to be stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was suspended in June 2020.

Punk has stated that he would consider returning to the company to wrestle, but "a bridge has to be built" before a return.

Vince Russo makes an offer to Vince McMahon himself right here. Check it out, bro!

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