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What does a WWE dumpster match exactly mean?

Johny Payne
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 10:31 IST
What exactly is a WWE Dumpster Match?

RAW General Manager Kurt Angle recently took to Twitter to announce a Dumpster Match for the upcoming episode of RAW- a match that will see Braun Strowman face Kalisto this Monday night. Kalisto specifically challenged The Monster Among Men to a Dumpster match and our beloved GM wasted no time in playing matchmaker.

Now, the question that arises is what exactly is a Dumpster Match and why should we – the WWE Universe – be excited about the aforementioned matchup. For those of you who aren’t aware, dumpsters have played an important role in a few segments on WWE programming in the past- and no, I’m not talking about the ‘Trial of Eric Bischoff Garbage Truck’ segment.

The most high-profile dumpster match, in pro-wrestling history, is the Wrestlemania 14 tag-team championship fight that saw Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie defeat The New Age Outlaws for the WWF tag-team titles.

Today we take a look at what its rules, stipulations and possible scenarios are and most of all, understand just what the hell a WWE Dumpster Match is. Giddy up!

Match origins

The WWE’s Dumpster match is eerily similar to a Casket match – something that was popularised by the Undertaker during the WWE’s (then-WWF) tours involving Taker and his contemporaries such as Yokozuna, Crush, Shawn Michaels and several others. It goes without saying that the Deadman was the star attraction of the Casket match and the WWE depended on his gimmick to market the match.

That brings us to the Dumpster match whose origins can be traced back to the aforementioned Casket match. The Dumpster matchup will, very much like the latter, involve two wrestlers fight one another with said fight ending only when one of the two combatants successfully places his opponent into the dumpster and then closes shut the lid of said dumpster.

A WWE Dumpster match cannot end via pinfall or submission, in the sense, that no matter how hurt your opponent may be, he’d still be very much in the match until the moment you succeed in locking him inside the dumpster. Well, given the fact that the Undertaker – the pioneer of the Casket Match- all but retired at this past Wrestlemania, it’s only fitting that the WWE pays homage to the legend by scheduling a match that many fans opine are merely a parody of a Casket match.   

Casket Match (Left)                           Dumpster Match (Right)

Rules and Regulations plus Foreign Objects!!!

Now, I know it’s all kayfabe but professional wrestling matches still involve a specified set of pre-determined rules. It’s also essential to note that the sport of pro-wrestling including the world’s premier promotions like the WWE as well are notorious for ‘bending’ the rules, so to speak, on the fly while a given match is underway.


In simple words, don’t expect this match to be your traditional pro-wrestling exhibition wherein you have count-outs, rope breaks, pinfalls or submissions. Now mind you, both wrestlers will be allowed to apply submission manoeuvres, but the match won’t be stopped if one of them taps out, no Sir! The competitors in a dumpster match are only allowed to use submission moves to wear out their opponents, which in turn will help them to dump their dazed rival and seal the deal.

As far as signature moves such as the myriad of suplexes, elbow-drops, kicks and whatnot are concerned, you are not allowed to pin your opponent after hitting them with a finisher, since the match will only be called when you lock your foe inside the dumpster.

Both wrestlers are allowed to use foreign objects to attack their opponents that include kendo sticks, trash cans, tables, ladders, hammers and of course, the universally-beloved steel chair. A wrestler can use the aforementioned weapons to incapacitate his opponent and break him down, following which he can drag said opponent to the dumpster and lock him in.

When a wrestler successfully places and locks his opponent into the dumpster, the referee calls for the bell signalling the end of the match, declaring the former as the winner.

Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie won the Dumpster match at Wrestlemania 14.


The fight can take place anywhere inside the entire arena, including the bleachers amongst the fans, the backstage lighting and pyro area, and of course inside the squared-circle.

Now although very much like a Casket match, most of the action in a Dumpster match will take place inside the ring or at the very most on the nearby ramp outside the ring, a backstage spot during the matchup is definitely an added possibility.

Both wrestlers are allowed to take their brawl anywhere. The whole arena is a Battleground, folks! No one is safe!

Braun Strowman vs Kalisto

The next episode of Monday Night RAW airs on April 24th from the Sprint Center Arena in Kansas City, Missouri, with Braun Strowman and Kalisto going one-on-one in a Dumpster Match. Now, I know that you’re probably thinking about this being yet another squash matchup for the big man, and rightfully so, but just hear me out.

Given the fact that Roman Reigns was brutally attacked by Braun a couple of weeks back on RAW, fans can expect the Big Dog to try and get involved in the aforementioned Strowman-Kalisto matchup in some capacity. In my humble opinion, you guys can expect something similar to the Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio monster heel spot courtesy Strowman, with The Monster Among Men playing the role of…well, monster; and Kalisto playing the role of Mysterio. Here’s something to refresh your memory-

Although I do expect the WWE to continue Braun’s monster heel run with yet another dominant display following his dismantling of Big Show last week, I wouldn’t be surprised if Roman Reigns comes right out and spears the living daylights out of Strowman, but not before The Monster Among Men dumps and bumps the high-flying Kalisto and sends him into oblivion.

This week’s RAW promises to be absolutely bonkers. I’d love to know what you Wrestling Keedas think about this unique stipulation to Braun Strowman vs Kalisto. Sound off in the comments!

Published 23 Apr 2017, 23:19 IST
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