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What If CM Punk Returned to WWE

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Many people believe that CM Punk should return to WWE, just to change how his career ended
Many people believe that CM Punk should return to WWE, just to change how his career ended

There are three reasons why some fans still chant ‘CM Punk’, despite four years passing since his sudden departure. First, those fans are bored with what’s happening in front of them. Second, they want to disrupt the flow of a show and try to get themselves over instead of the wrestlers in the ring.

And third, they still have a glimmer of hope that Punk will someday return to WWE.

This latter feeling remains strong with some people, despite so many factors working against them. Punk has burned so many bridges in the wrestling business that any return to it – whether with WWE or another company – is incredibly unlikely.

Then again, one of the signature phrases spoken in WWE has been, ‘never say never in WWE’. After all, this is the same company that featured the Montreal Screwjob, the Ultimate Warrior’s departure from WWE, the awful execution of the Invasion storyline, and a never-ending creative emphasis on ‘big guys’ at the expense of smaller and more skilled athletes.

However, all four of these matters had been resolved or reversed. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels buried the hatchet in 2010, the Ultimate Warrior returned in 2014 and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, a true ‘WCW guy’ (Sting) wrestled in a WWE ring, and one of the best wrestlers in the world under 6 feet tall (A.J. Styles) is WWE Champion.

So while there are some who believe that, in CM Punk’s case, the phrase ‘never say never’ doesn’t apply, there is still some reason to believe that Punk could return to WWE. If he were to do so, it certainly wouldn’t be for any long-term basis.

In fact, given what he has done with his life since his departure, any return to WWE would likely be for only one match, just to give the fans a proper farewell.

The following scenario, although unrealistic, paints a possible picture of what Punk’s return would look like.

Picture the following scenario: WWE has a PPV taking place in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is a famous city in wrestling circles because it’s notorious for having one of the ‘smartest’ fanbase in the United States. This crowd doesn’t always follow what WWE management wants, and the fans in attendance are very hard to please.


Now the main-event of this show is a 6-man tag match. On one side is the trio of John Cena, Triple H, and Roman Reigns. In the lead-up to this show, two of their three opponents are revealed, with the third being billed as a ‘mystery partner’.

WWE tries to promote this partner as a ‘former World Champion’, which send fans speculating as to who it might be. But most of them ignore the obvious choice; after all, WWE would never allow that famous Chicagoan to come back.

And then the main event is announced, and the above trio is in the ring. Their opponents come out one by one. The first out is Seth Rollins, who gets a huge reaction because of his history with all three opponents.

Then, out comes Daniel Bryan, who also has had famous matches and rivalries with all three of the wrestlers already in the ring.

Then, these two man stand side by side, grinning ear to ear as they both turn their shoulders to the entrance ramp.

Cue ‘Cult of Personality’.

The thousands of fans in attendance jump out of their seats cheering, gazing anxiously at the ramp, hoping that it’s more than a bad joke at their expense.

And then…out he comes.

CM Punk, walks out with an evil grin on his face as thousands of fans chant his name. He joins his fellow wrestlers and the three of them walk down to the ring together. So begins CM Punk’s return match, but this is for one night only.

The match begins with John Cena and Seth Rollins, who exchange holds and momentum for a few minutes. Then Cena tags in Triple H, who stares daggers across the ring to Punk. Seth, being the smart man, looks to all the audience and begins building up the moment by pointing at Punk. Each time he does so, the audience roars in approval.

So Punk extends his hand and Seth walks up to him, with the audience’s cheering getting louder with every step Seth takes. Then the tag is seen, and Punk gets into the ring. The Chicago audience goes absolutely crazy as their hero is back in a WWE ring (albeit for one night).

The match itself would be a typical WWE six-man tag, with lots of false finishes, finishing move kick-outs and 2-counts. The match itself would end with Triple H attempting a Pedigree on Punk, but Punk would reverse this move into the GTS and hit that knee to Triple H’s face and get a clean and decisive three-count.

As Punk’s hand is raised in victory (along with those of his teammates), the audience would roar in approval just like they did when he won the WWE Championship in 2011. Punk would get one last moment of adulation and appreciation from the crowd, before being interviewed by Renee Young.

She would ask Punk what he was doing in WWE, and what this win meant for the future. Punk would then reply that this was a one-time match, and that he had only come back to ‘tie-up loose ends’ and leave wrestling on a higher note.

He would then announce his official retirement from pro wrestling, and thank the fans for supporting him.

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