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What if The Shield works a triple threat match at WrestleMania?

Mike Chin
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Rollins vs Ambrose
The Shield go head-to-head-to-head at WrestleMania 35.

There’s little question The Shield is one of the most successful stables in recent memory for WWE. Not only were they successful as a unit, but they’re that rare group that legitimately launched three Superstars, each of whom would go on to achieve world champion and main event competitor status.

Even before The Shield split up for the first time, speculation had started up about what would happen if they were to have a three-way match. That idea only gathered steam after Seth Rollins turned his back on the team in one of the most significant heel turns of the last decade.

The Shield had a triple threat match at Battleground 2016. It was a good match, and a fitting swan song before Dean Ambrose went off to a separate brand from his former teammates, and walked away with his head held high from not only winning the match but retaining the WWE Championship in the process.

Since The Shield reformed, there has been speculation about the next breakup, and particularly about Ambrose turning heel this time. Time will tell if that’s the story, but if WWE does revisit this match, it would only make sense for it to be on the biggest stage of all at WrestleMania. This article takes a look at five potential outcomes of WWE booking that match.

#5 Dean Ambrose plays the heel

The Dean Ambrose heel turn might be coming yet.

From the first hints of a Shield reunion, the prevailing word was that Dean Ambrose would eventually turn heel to split them up. The choice made sense enough as Ambrose has a track record as a heel and had grown stale as a face over his years as a solo act on the main roster. Moreover, Seth Rollins had already turned previously, and WWE seems dead set on keeping Roman Reigns a face.

WWE has been teasing an Ambrose turn enough recently to suggest it’s too predictable and therefore isn’t actually going to happen. This may well be a moment of reverse psychology, though. If WWE were to pursue this triple threat, it feels like a tougher sell with everyone as a face, and an inevitably divided crowd that might be all the more prone to boo Reigns. No, it makes sense that we have at least one heel in the mix, and Ambrose remains the most logical pick to make that transition.

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