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Opinion: What if "The Viking Experience" is a premeditated name change 

War Raiders are now known as
War Raiders are now known as "The Viking Experience".
Modified 21 Apr 2019, 20:59 IST

What is the Viking Experience?

The current NXT tag team champions, the War Raiders (also known as the War Machine) were brought up to the main roster and moved to RAW. But, in the process, some things were changed. They are no longer Rowe and Hanson; now they are Eric and Ivar, and their team name was changed to "The Viking Experience".


The primary justification circulating among the WWE Universe is that WWE didn't want anything to do with the term 'War', as it may affect their deals and sponsorships - the product generally caters to the younger audience, and violent terminologies would not be deemed inappropriate. Even the legendary Mick Foley defended the name change.

Another reason that is doing the rounds of the internet is, every time the War Raiders made an entrance, the crowd started chanting "War War War", which isn't product-friendly for the aforementioned reason.

Potential additions to The Viking Experience

The Viking Experience is an unusual name for a duo and hence, WWE can convert it into a stable with the front runner to join forces being Sarah Logan.


The Riott Squad was split up during the Superstar Shakeup and it's time for the individual performers to make a name for themselves. Sarah Logan was the runner-up of the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal and it seems a push is coming for her in the near future.

What if it's a deliberate move?

Public opinion notwithstanding, Vince McMahon is a genius and a thorough businessman. He is known for manipulating the WWE Universe to get what he wishes. Take the case of Reigns, for example - On the March 4, 2019 edition of RAW, Mr. McMahon managed to get a positive reaction from the Philadelphia crowd for Roman Reigns, who usually boo him out of the building.

Considering all the factors involved, there was certainly a need to change the name of the arriving tag team. There are rumors that the name "The Berzerkers" was considered but eventually, they went with The Viking Experience.

In my opinion, War Raiders' tag title run was underwhelming compared to previous winners of the NXT Tag Team championships. If it didn't work down in NXT, there's a very minute chance that it will work on the main roster.

The War Raiders would be considered as another knock-off of the Road Warriors by the WWE Universe that doesn't particularly watch the Indies, and much like the Ascension, would not be able to last long on the main roster. Berzerkers would have had the same effect as well.

Believe it or not, WWE has hit a Bull's-eye by naming the team Viking Experience as it has brought a lot of eyes on the tag team. Their ridiculous name combined with their in-ring skills is going to be a hot-topic for many fans of the company.


The War Raiders went from being just another call-up to the most talked about new arrival with just a name change. Although the novelty wears off, it has provided the initial boost that the NXT tag champs needed.

Published 21 Apr 2019, 20:59 IST
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