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What is mumps and why it is keeping Roman Reigns and others out of WWE TLC 2017?

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If Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns have meningitis, what is meningitis anyway?

There is apparently something lurking in the WWE locker room that's more dangerous than any power move a wrestler could execute. A number of wrestlers have been affected by mumps and it has become a hot-button subject. Who would have thought we would be talking discussing this issue so intently in pro wrestling.

What is actually mumps?

Mumps is a communicable disease that is caused by the mumps virus. It can keep the patient bed-ridden for three weeks or more.

What are they going through?

The symptoms include headaches, fever, a stiff neck, soreness, and fatigue. These are all things a WWE Superstar experiences on a daily basis. They're always tired and constantly get beaten up, therefore, a quick diagnosis might not have been in the cards. 

Mumps usually affects the salivary glands in the human body. It can also cause swelling of the testis, ovaries, pancreas, or the membranes protecting your brain and spinal cord. It can be pretty nasty if left untreated to an extent that it can threaten the patient's life.

The Raw roster was tested for what was believed originally to be meningitis, but now it is thought to be mumps. It's unknown is the SmackDown side will be tested at this point, but so far three Raw Superstars have been confirmed by WWE to have a "viral infection."

Let's just hope whatever virus is invading WWE locker room is the kind that isn't life-threatening. We're all sending good wishes out to Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, Roman Reigns, and anyone else who might be dealing with this awful disease right now.

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