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What next for Jason Jordan?

Kishan Prasad
886   //    22 Nov 2017, 23:43 IST

Like father, like son?
Like father, like son?

Considering Jason Jordan's current run in the WWE, one can easily suggest that his run would have been better as a part of his former, stable American Alpha. Ever since Jordan has been marketed as the kayfabe son of the Raw General Manager, Jordan hasn't quite been able to make an impression on the WWE Universe.

The only time the crowd was behind him was when they pleaded with Triple H to Pedigree Jordan's face to the mat. Pre Survivor Series, Jordan was the only name on the Raw team that didn't make sense to anyone out there. Triple H rightly "Pedigreed" him to the ground, extricating him from team Raw.

Jordan desperately needs a change of character, preferably a heel turn, which would ensure him getting at least some reaction from the fans. Jordan turning on his father, Kurt Angle, accusing him of just standing there, watching Triple H drive his face into the mat and calling Angle a coward for not doing anything when the same was done to him, is a plausible storyline that would work wonders.

He attacks Superstars from behind, which goes against Angle's ethics of 'integrity' and beating them in matches. Angle vs Jordan is the next step; a ruffling of the feathers is what is needed in Jordan.

This leads to Jordan going over to the dark side, Bray Wyatt taking him under his wing and controlling his actions, and maybe even a tag team title run. This would bring relevance back to Wyatt who seems to be missing in action of late.

Jason Jordan has proved that he is amazing when it comes to his in-ring athleticism, but let's face it - his character is boring and stagnant. The WWE Universe requires twists and turns every now and then. They need WWE to shift gears from being predictable to something new every week. Much like the golden age of the Attitude Era.

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