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What Reigns can learn from Sting

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Sting made his second WWE appearance and consequently his first Raw appearance. It was just a few seconds long but it left a lasting impact. It was memorable and did the job of selling Royal Rumble and did an equally good job of building up to Wrestlemania. The man named Sting has been a vigilante for the WWE Universe. His mere appearance is enough to create a frenetic environment. That’s what characters should be made of. The main event of Raw was stellar, precisely because it had characters that are so compelling.

Sting’s appearance, Lesnar raising hell, Cena beating the odds- that’s some major drama right there. And it can never get old. Sure, Cena winning and beating the odds is getting old for hardcore fans and yes, that has reached a certain saturation point. But that’s Cena for you and nobody can play it as well as he does. If anyone even tries to, theyare labeled as a wannabe John Cena. Cena’s perfected the virtuoso He will never turn heel as he already gets a heel reaction from the hardcore audience. There is no one who is the biggest babyface to one demographic and the biggest heel to another demographic as Cena.

Everything added up to a splendid climax.

Actions speak louder than words

One thing is to take notes from Sting’s appearance. Sting was there on television and in front of the live audience for a little more than a minute. When he was seen on the titantron, JBL defiantly said that that was just a picture, until Sting made his way through the curtains. And all he needed to do was look straight and point at Triple H, without blinking, and say ‘You’. That facepaint, that deathly still expression combined with such little words  was all that was needed to raise up the excitement and for business to pick up. This was theatricality at one of its best. Sting was also, needless to add, dressed for the part.

That’s a silent badass that we so rarely see on WWE television. That is something that will suit Roman Reigns. Of course, he doesn’t need facepaint or any comparisons to Sting but it is enough to drive the point home that being a man of a few words also has its own impact.

On a positive note

WWE did a good job of having Reigns interrupt Big Show’s rant on the Hall Of famers. The job that they did well was the fact that reigns did not pick up a microphone or speak anything while Big Show trash talked to him. He squashed everything Big Show was boasting about by pushing him over the top rope.  That did better for his character than the ridiculous bits that were given to him in the name of promos.

That was a positive move towards his development and that may be an indication that the management is listening to the fans who want to see him as a silent badass.


Sting plays the role really well. It has been a gimmick that has stood the test of time. This is the same gimmick that we saw him inhabit while he was the marquee star in WCW. And from then to now, the gimmick is still interesting.

His short appearance is the closest indication to a Triple H Vs Sting at Wrestlemania. And even though this match is between a 55 year old, who’ll turn 56 before mania, and a 45 year old, it’s still the biggest match to have some memorable build up.

This is how you use these limited appearances.

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