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What's next for Kenny Omega?

Simon Cotton
5.80K   //    04 Jan 2019, 19:30 IST

The Best Bout Machine has some decisions to make
The Best Bout Machine has some decisions to make

With a hard-fought battle at Wrestle Kingdom 13, Kenny Omega ended his reign at the top of New Japan Pro Wrestling when Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated him for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.

The match was fantastic and another reminder of why Omega is called the "Best Bout Machine", but what fans are more interested in is what this means for him going forward.

Omega's contract with NJPW is rumored to end in January, which would open the door for him to make the leap to another promotion, but will The Cleaner leave NJPW?

These rumors arose in 2017 around the same time, but there seems to be a much greater chance of Omega leaving the company now.

One of the reason's Omega leaving NJPW is a more likely scenario in 2019 is due to everything he has accomplished since his captivating performance at Wrestle Kingdom 11.

Omega has won nearly every championship available in NJPW and can easily be considered one of the most successful foreigners in the company's history.

His reign as the IWGP World Champion was already historic for ending the 720-day reign of Kazuchika Okada last year. Since then, Omega's had incredible performances in and out of NJPW, living up to his monikor as the Best Bout Machine.

He's wrestled Okada, Cody Rhodes, Tetsuya Naito, Chris Jericho, Kota Ibushi, Tomohiro Ishii, The Young Bucks and many more in amazing matches.

At this point, there is very little left for Omega to do if he stays with New Japan. Which leads everyone to the obvious question: where does he go next?

Will Omega make an appearance at the AEW rally?
Will Omega make an appearance at the AEW rally?

The first option many fans would consider would be All Elite Wrestling, which was officially announced at the beginning of the new year.

Rhodes and The Young Bucks have already signed with the promotion and many are wondering whether Omega will be the next wrestler to join the new promotion.

Unfortunately, the biggest issue with AEW is their lack of TV deal and substantial signees.

With only a handful of wrestlers signed to AEW and no plans formally announced yet, it will be some time before Omega could get started with whatever is in store for them.

There is a chance Omega could make an appearance at the AEW rally next week Tuesday, but we'll have to wait and see with that one.

And of course, the other big option for Omega to consider would be making the move to WWE.

Will Omega be the next to join the WWE roster?
Will Omega be the next to join the WWE roster?

WWE fans have wanted Omega to come to the company for years with many declaring he would become one of the company's top stars in an instant - much like his Bullet Club predecessor AJ Styles.

Unlike with NJPW, WWE would offer Omega a fresh set of opponents, a much more lucrative deal and a bigger platform to showcase his abilities.

Omega's deal is rumored to expire at some point in January, which would give him just enough time to sign a deal with the WWE and make a big debut heading into WrestleMania 35.

Unfortunately, Omega's creative freedom and move-set would probably be diminished if he went to WWE. So with WWE. there are a lot of pros and cons to consider as well.

Kenny Omega has received offers from multiple companies by now and whatever he decides will have a monumental impact on the wrestling world.

Where is Omega headed next? Sound off in the comments.