What Stephanie McMahon told Kurt Angle after they kissed each other in a backstage segment

Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie McMahon

WWE has had its fair share of controversial angles over the years, and one such angle was the love triangle between Kurt Angle, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H during the Attitude Era.

One of the segments during the storyline involved Kurt Angle kissing Stephanie McMahon backstage.

Speaking to Stone Cold Steve Austin on Broken Skull Sessions, Kurt Angle talked about how awkward the segment was for him. Angle revealed that Vince McMahon was present in the room where the shot of him kissing Stephanie McMahon was to take place, which made him even more nervous.

Angle even asked Vince McMahon if he would be present in the room throughout and McMahon told him that he is the one who is going to direct the shot.

Kurt Angle said that Stephanie McMahon told him that he ''kisses like a fish'' after their segment. Angle joked that the reason his kiss was bad and he kept his mouth closed was that he felt embarrassed kissing Stephanie McMahon in front of her father.

What's next for Kurt Angle?

Kurt Angle had been working in a backstage role with WWE before he was released by the company earlier this year due to COVID-19 related budget cuts. The former WWE Champion has continued to make appearances in WWE even after his release.

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