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What the 24/7 Championship means for WWE going forward

Mick Foley unveils the brand-new 24/7 Championship
Mick Foley unveils the brand new 24/7 Championship
Mike Edwards
Modified 01 Apr 2020, 17:29 IST

The long-awaited, hotly anticipated brand new title was finally unveiled last night on Monday Night RAW by former GM Mick Foley. Many fans expected this to be some sort of "Legends" title, to be defended by only those of the WWE alumni that can be lured back for another day's pay. Others thought the new strap could be the return of the Hardcore title, which was only defended by those who could truly handle the pressure of being a wanted man 24 hours a day.

Oddly enough, those who were vying for the return of the Hardcore belt were the closest on the night, as the belt unveiled by Mick Foley was the brand new 24/7 Championship. This new title requires the Champion to be on red alert, as they can lose it any time, any place, and on any show which, in all fairness, adds mystery to the somewhat repetitive programming we seem to be getting each week.

Any member of any roster on any show can go after the 24/7 Championship and provided they bring a referee with them, can force the current holder to defend the strap whenever they choose. After the belt was announced by Foley, it seemed as though it was merely something for the lower mid-carders on each show to do while the creative teams are focusing on the main programs. However, it doesn't have to be that way.

If WWE start using this belt properly, they could keep the product entertaining every week, and breathe new life into the talent that has been poorly booked until now. The likes of Bobby Lashley and Ali now have an opportunity to reinvent themselves and get back into a title picture. The 24/7 belt could allow for casual fans to be introduced to performers that they haven't been exposed to if they solely watch RAW and SmackDown Live each week.

It's a good way to open the door for up-and-coming Superstars to showcase their talents each week and keep the WWE social media presence relevant. With title changes only being shown on Twitter or Facebook Live during the week - it keeps the product feeling fresh and interesting, and lets otherwise poorly utilized Superstars showcase their skills to a wider audience and not go unnoticed.

This 24/7 title could be the breath of fresh air that WWE's relatively stale mid-card needs, and it has the potential to gather more interest from casual fans for shows that they may not have watched until now. Or it could just turn into a gag that they use for cheap pops or comedy sections in commercial breaks or on Drake Maverick's Twitter feed.

There's only one way to find out, and that's to keep watching every show, every week. And that's exactly what WWE wants us to do.

Published 21 May 2019, 23:29 IST
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