What the future holds for Roman Reigns after becoming Intercontinental Champion

Roman Reigns, the new Intercontinental Champion
Roman Reigns, the new Intercontinental Champion

"When it Reigns, it bores" was a common notion in the WWE Universe until around a month ago. It looks like the WWE creative heads have finally heard the voices of the fans. They brought about the Shield reunion, which was the only time after almost a year that the crowd cheered Roman Reigns in unison, and why wouldn't they?

The Shield has proven time and again that they are the most dominant faction present in the WWE right now.

With Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose having had their run as the WWE tag team champions, how could the WWE ignore Roman Reigns, the powerhouse of The Shield. Coming off a well-fought victory over The New Day at Survivor Series, The Shield was looking to make their next mark in the WWE.

Many of us would've speculated that Roman Reigns is going to WrestleMania 34 and is most likely to capture the WWE Universal Title from Lesnar.

WWE gave us all a pleasant surprise by putting the Intercontinental Title on Roman Reigns after he defeated The Miz on Monday night. Given that the next major PPV for the WWE, Royal Rumble, is a little over a month away, Reigns shouldn't drop the title anytime soon. If he did, then his reign as Intercontinental Champion would belittle all his accomplishments.

And also, the WWE should really build on The Shield in such a way that Reigns is loved and adored by the WWE Universe. Reigns winning the WWE Universal title along with The Shield doesn't quite seem right, unless the Shield turns heel.

Not having Roman Reigns headline Wrestlemania for the fourth time in a row is the refreshing change the fans need right now. This opens the doors for Finn Balor or Samoa Joe winning the Royal Rumble match and going on to challenge Lesnar at The Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania.

Whereas for Roman Reigns, a feud between him and Balor or Joe (whoever doesn't win the rumble) would be nothing short of a spectacle for the WWE Universe.

If the WWE is really listening to their fans and doesn't want to hear the same old "I told you so", they need to push either Balor or Joe for Wrestlemania and cool off a bit on Reigns, giving him the opportunity next year.

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