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What we learned from WWE this week: 15th May, 2017

Here is what we learned from the WWE this week in our build up towards Takeover and Backlash.

Top 5 / Top 10 19 May 2017, 19:43 IST
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This was another week in WWE where fans would be forgiven for forgetting that two PPVs are just around the corner. Smackdown was building up to its Backlash show on Sunday night, while NXT was preparing for Takeover Chicago.

However, it was RAW, a show with not much on the line at the moment, that stood out above its rivals.

The action was pretty lacklustre, but nevertheless, here is what we learned from WWE this week:

#1 This is the best IC Title feud in years

This is what the IC Title needed

The years of disrespect shown towards the Intercontinental Championship in WWE’s recent history are a genuine cause for confusion and irritation in equal measure. For older fans who remember some of the great IC Champions and Championship feuds, this is difficult enough to swallow.

The real tragedy, however, is that if you’re a younger fan – say 12 and below – you’ll be forgiven for asking what the big deal about the belt is, and why the rest of us go on about it all the time. There were days when the IC Title meant more to fans than the world title, and holding that belt genuinely meant you were a star. 

Over the years we may have seen the odd rivalry or match that we liked, but things were never really able to stick. It seems the title is destined to have these isolated moments of glory amidst a sea of irrelevance. Currently, however, we are definitely going through a high point.

The feud between The Miz and Ambrose is my favourite thing about the show right now. They work well together, both being able to perform comedic roles where necessary, but at the same time knowing when to turn it on in the ring. 2016 wasn’t a terrible year for the belt either, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler told a pretty interesting story, but ultimately that was more about Ziggler’s character than about the prestige of the belt. This feud feels different. This week we even got a Championship match between the two of them that felt special. 

Now, you might say that having the match in the middle of the show was a tad disrespectful enough, seeing as though the main event could have easily been lower down the card. But that aside, there was something about this match that made you take notice. Maybe because it was announced a week earlier, or perhaps it was down to having a proper championship match introduction, with the names being read out in the ring with the title held aloft.

This was better than some throw away match on PPV that formed part of some forgettable feud between two random competitors. The match itself ended perfectly too, Ambrose retained but under dubious circumstances, and we’re all set for a rematch at Extreme Rules. I hope these two can continue feuding until Summerslam. 

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